The De La Cruz Stone.

In the northeast corner of the cemetery is the old Hispanic section, which we have dubbed the Garcia Corner. Up until the time that the area was cleared by Buster, there were stones covered by the weeds and brush. On one such stone Buster found the following writing:

de dicembre

de 1903

el nino

Ingnacio de la Cruz

el 19 de Marzo

de 1905

Here is a picture of the stone:

So it essentially the headstone for a 2 year old that died in 1905. Due to years of erosion and vandalism, some of the markings which were obviously hand-carved are missing. This is a sad example of how this cemetery has been neglected and allowed to deteriorate. The memory of this little boy would fade away if not for Buster finding this writing.

We set out to right the stone and to see if there was any additional writing below the ground level. Buster pulled the stone out:

The rest of it says:

Padres fueron

(first name cut off) de la Cruz

(first name cut off) de la Garza.

So the parents’ names had been cut off by years of the stone sinking into the ground. We righted the stone and reburied it to where all the words could be seen.

Just a fraction of the work that needs to be done. There are many stones in similar condition.

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