“Beneath this stone in soft repose…”

“…Is laid a mother’s dearest pride..

Vivian’s side of the shared stone. Eula’s side is badly faded, I wouldn’t be surprised if it said the rest of the poem “a flower that scarce had waked to life and light and beauty, ere it died”

Three Henry children – Wade Jr, Eula, and Vivian.  Eula and Vivian were apparently sisters, sharing a stone.  I believe Wade was their cousin.  As they were all born and died between the 1880 and 1890 census (the 1890 census having been destroyed), it is difficult to determine the parents of Eula V. and Vivian Henry for certain, but I believe them to be Charles E and Mary A Henry.  Two reasons:  One, Charles E, born 1850 to Wade and Margaret (GILES) Henry, was a brother to Wade (see below).  This would make little “Wade Jr” the cousin of Eula and Vivian.  Two, in the 1900 census, Mary A was the mother of 9 children, 6 living.  They lived in Round Rock.

Since Wade was “Junior” on his headstone, I believe his father to be Wade Henry, born 1n Texas in 1855 to Wade  and Mary Margaret (GILES) Henry.  This would actually make little Wade a “Third” and not a “Junior”.  Mother unknown (she might have died in childbirth), Wade (born 1855) married Allie M in 1889.  They lived in Austin.

– Suzanne

2006, before cleaning

Eula and Vivian Henry, March 2010 after cleaning and painting in faded engraving

Eula, Vivian, and Wade Henry, March 2010

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  1. Beautiful. I have been doing tombstone reads for a directory for our church cemetery. I ran across this poem on a stone. This is what I found: Beneath this stone in soft repose
    Is laid a Mother’s dearest pride
    A flower that ___________________

    And light and beauty

    Do you have any of the missing verses on your stone?

    • “Beneath this stone in soft repose
      Is laid a mother’s dearest pride,
      A flower that scarce had waked to life
      A light and beauty ere it died”

      Have you seen our “For Sarah” stone? It contains “Crossing the Bar” by Alfred Lord Tennyson (18839)

      – Suzanne

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