The Gaults

Colt Dragoon pistol, engraved RT Gault

Robert’s Gault’s first wife was Polly Martha KING, who is buried in Pond Springs Cemetery with their second child, Susan E.  Their first child was William A Gault.

Robert Gault and his second wife Elizabeth are buried in Salem Cemetery, Fort Hood, Coryell County TX.  He was born in Tennessee on 27 December 1840, died in Killeen TX on 11 November 1906.

The information below was obtained from various researchers on and has not been verified.


On or about 1841, in the State of Tennessee, Robert T. Gault was born.  As a young man he moved west, eventually settling in Texas.  A white man, a farmer by trade, he chose to serve his adopted state on the Confederate side during the Civil War.  He joined the 5th Regiment Texas Cavalry (5th Mounted Volunteers) in Company H as a Private in 1861. He was 21 years old.  His rank out was Corporal.

On January 1, 1866, he wed Martha King, who seems to have given him one son, William A. Gault, before her passing.  A grave in the Austin, TX, area marks one Polly M., “Consort of R. T. Gault.” It can be confidently speculated that Polly M. is “Polly Martha,” the wife of R. T. Gault.

R.T. married a second time, recorded January 1, 1872, to Elizabeth Abercrombie, and they had four children. The Federal Census in 1880 shows R. T. Gault as head of household in Precinct 4 in Travis, TX.  At that time he was about 39, married to Elizabeth (Bettie).  Five children and a 13 year old nephew lived under his roof.

Records of the Texas  Gaults are not easily found after 1880, though R.T.’s son William apparently was a resident of Coryell, TX, in 1890; he was 33 and had a wife and daughter.  He was the child, apparently, of R.T. Gault and “Polly” Martha.  Other relatives have some mention (Benjamin Manny Gault was a Texas  Ranger involved in the killing of Bonnie and Clyde), but R.T.’s fate is unknown for now.

The Colt Dragoon would have been a likely weapon of choice/issue for a horseman in the 1860’s, and the tantalizing possibility, since they were often kept on horseback in pairs, is that there is a second, matching gun out there somewhere.”


Robert Gault’s brother Benjamin was the grandfather of the above Benjamin Manny Gault, Texas Ranger and one of six posse members who ambushed Bonnie and Clyde on May 23, 1934/Stm


Polly Gault

Susan Gault

If you are a descendant of this family, please contact this blog.

– Suzanne

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  1. Hello! This is Kathy Gault from Stillwater, Oklahoma. My husband is Jay Patrick Gault born in 1965 in Enid, Oklahoma to Billy Ray Gault and Charolette Gault and raised in Covington, Oklahoma. Billy was born born in Bessie , Oklahoma. He and Charolette both graduated from Covington ok school around 1948. His father was Irving Chelsea Gault. We don’t know where he was born. Billy served in both the Army and Airforce. When he returned home Charlotte was raising 4 boys alone. They married and had only one son Jay.
    We have 2 sons Jayden and Kody who are 13 and 10. There are no other Gaults here any more. When I found this wanted to reach out.
    Thanks, Kathy Gault

    • Hello ! I am unsure if I replied, if not, I do apologize ! This is wonderful info and thank you for reaching out !
      – Suzanne

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