Lydia Eller has risen

I did some more work today. I spred out the mulch that is in the East corner. Mostly I just spred it around that corner area but I took several wheelbarrow loads to the Petri Family Graves to build them up. I hope that the leaves are through falling because I raked around the McClure, Stewart, and Eller graves. As I raked I saw something sticking out of the ground. I pulled it out of the dirt to see what it was and it was a small grave marker stake. I then proceeded to rake some more and saw a piece of wire. I pulled the wire out of the ground and it was a triangle for holding a wreath. I then began raking looking for headstone or footstone evidence but could not find any signs. As I continued to rake I was raking deep into the ground and heard a scrape, raked some more and found the back half to the metal grave marker. I set the stake and the triangle up so it could be seen. They are about a foot away from where I pulled them out of the ground. The last BIG task I had today was the raising and releveling of Lydia Eller’s headstone. It was set in hard clay and did not want to come out. Once I got the stone out I placed rocks under it but it was still not high enough so I had to pull it back out of the hole and place more rocks in the hole. Once that was done it was just a matter of filling in with the dirt and tamping the dirt down. It looks good if say so myself. Maybe a little fairy will come along and clean it.
Had anther visitor today Dorthy Conca from Wal-Mart. She wants to get a group together to help out with picking up trash and limbs. Maybe they could help out sometime with headstone cleaning? I got containers for water and buckets for washing. They just need some proper instruction. – Buster

Lydia Eller was a sister of Martha Ann (Mattie) Jackson who married Thomas Hill Foster.

April 2006

March 2010 after straightening

March 2010 after cleaning

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