The Ellers

Robert W. ELLER was born April 1827 in Missouri, and died 18 November 1915 in Round Rock, Williamson County, Texas.  He married Margaret Evaline THAXTON (1837-1922).  Although Robert and Margaret are not buried in Pond Springs Cemetery, many of their descendants are.

Eller Section, March 2010

The Bartlett Tribune and News (Bartlett, Tex.), Vol. 30, No. 25, Ed. 1, Friday, December 3, 1915:

“The Leander correspondent in the Georgetown Sun reports the death of one of Williamson County’s pioneer citizens:  “Robert W Eller one of the very oldest of our pioneer citizens was laid to rest one day last week in what is known as Davis Graveyard which was the scene of the Webster Massacre  1838.  Mr Eller was about 90 years old and spent nearly his whole life in Williamson County.  Mr Eller was perhaps one of the last men who followed General Henry E McCullough during the time that General McCullough had commanded the frontier troops. His service was recognized by the Federal Government and he had been receiving a pension for his service in the Indian Wars in Texas.”

Known children of Robert W. and Margaret (THAXTON) ELLER:

i.  Sarah Susan “Sue” ELLER, born in Texas ca. 1854, died in Austin, Travis County Texas 16 February 1945.  Married M. D. HARMON, buried Davis Cemetery Williamson County Texas.

ii.  James Thomas “Jim” ELLER, born in Texas 20 May 1857 , died11 April 1938, buried Shady Grove Cemetery Burnet County Texas alongside his wife,  Laura Caroline (WOODY) ELLER.  Laura was a daughter of Wilson and Sarah Caroline (BROWN) WOODY.  Wilson WOODY is buried in Pond Springs Cemetery; Sarah WOODY is buried in Antioch Cemetery, Buna, Jasper County TX.

Known children of James Thomas and Laura Caroline (WOODY) ELLER:

Mamie Eller

a.  Pleasant Randolph ELLER, born in Texas 29 March 1883, died in Belton County Texas 3 May 1969.  Buried Pond Spring Cemetery.  There is a stone with no name, next to his wife Mamie (JOHNS) ELLER, assumed to be Pleasant’s grave.

b.  Thomas Herbert/Hubbard ELLER, born in Texas 5 May 1886, died Christmas Eve 1960 in Travis County Texas.  Married Rose Elizabeth HAMILTON (14 November 1892 – 28 December 1968).  After Thomas died, Rose remarried to a BARNETT.  Both Thomas and Rose are buried Pond Springs Cemetery.

c.  Beulah ELLER, born in Texas 22 August 1890, died 14 October 1918 in Williamson County Texas.  Married Arthur “Dink” STEWART who is buried in Pond Springs Cemetery.  New discovery:  Per Beulah’s death certificate, she is also buried in Pond Springs Cemetery; no stone, not listed in the 1964 transcription.

d.  Zula Mae ELLER, twin of Beulah, born in Texas 22 August 1890, died 20 February 1973 in Belton County Texas.  Married Albert Seymour NETTLES.

e.  Ruth ELLER, born in Texas April of 1893, died in San Bernadino California 31 May 1987.  Married Henry Ralph ROWLAND.

Maud Eller

f.  Maud ELLER, born in Texas 6 April 1896, died 15 October 1961 in Burnet, Burnet County Texas.  Married Lawson LIVINGSTON.

g.  Walter P. ELLER, born in Texas 23 February1898, died in Bell County Texas.

h.  Andy ELLER, born in Texas 31 July 1900, appears to have died sometime between 1918 and 1920, perhaps in the influenza epidemic of that time.  The last documentation that I have found on Andy is his WWI Registration, which is dated 12 September 1918, and he signed himself.  He might have even died in boot camp, but so far I haven’t found a military record for Andy.  Per the 1964 transcription, Andy is buried “East of Robert Eller”.  He has been of great interest to me, as his grave is currently one of our many unknowns.

Eller Andy WWI

Eller Andy WWI

i.  Grave of apparently an infant, “RW ELLER”, found next to Wilson WOODY.  Assumed to be a child of Laura (WOODY) ELLER, asssumed to be a boy (born and died before 1900) named Robert Woodson ELLER.

iii.  Martha Ellen ELLER, born in Texas 24 November 1858, died in San Antonio, Bexar County Texas 28 February 1938.  Married William WOOD.

iv.  Finis Barnett ELLER, born in Texas 26 September 1861, died in Lee County Texas 13 April 1940.  Married Ida Elizabeth VEAZEY.  Buried in Scott Cemetery, Lee County Texas.   On his death certificate, his mother is erroneously listed as Mary E. BARNETT.

Robert Eller funeral marker, no stone exists

Lydia Eller

v.  Robert Franklyn ELLER, born in Texas October 1865, died 19 June 1951 Travis County Texas.  Buried in Pond Springs Cemetery next to his wife Lydia (see previous blog entry regarding Lydia ELLER’s stone).  Lydia’s father, TH FOSTER is also buried here (see previous blog entry).

vi.  Lydia E. ELLER, born in Texas ca. 1866.

vii.  Hila/Highly Jane ELLER, born in Texas ca. 1868, died 17 August 1954 Tarrant County Texas.  Married a HOSEA.

viii.  Clara B. ELLER, born in Texas 18 April 1872, died in Round Rock, Williamson County Texas 16 June 1953.  Married AJ McKAMY who is buried in Pond Springs Cemetery (see previous blog entry).  Remarried to a YOUNG.

ix.  Annie L. ELLER, born in Texas 18 October 1874, died 28 November 1958 Williamson County Texas.  Married William R. BROOKS, buried South Gabriel Cemetery, Burnet County Texas.

Another wonderful and fascinating family, related to so many others buried here.  Any help filling in the blanks would be appreciated, as would photos and stories.

– Suzanne

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  1. what a thrill I got when I opened up your site and saw the Ellers.Zula is my great grandmother.Her daughter Lela married Richard Walter Baggerly.I am going to have to make the trip to Pond Springs one day

    • I Love getting comments like that ! Come on by, we love the company !

  2. just looked at Finis B Elller’s death certificate.lots of things wrong on it.Julia must not have known a lot about her father’s family.His mother and father were both born in Missouri not Mississippi.He got his middle name from his grandmother whose name was Sarah Boyd Barnett who married Thomas J Thaxton.both buried in Round Rock cemetery

    • Yes, informants did not realize how important they would be (years later) to us researchers ! To not know about “family” is a totally foreign concept to someone like me. I was thinking (hoping?) those items were errors. Sometimes folks were just in such a state of shock, I think. There is a BARNETT buried in Pond Springs as well.

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