The Jacksons

Javan William JACKSON was born to Joshua Moses and Lydia Margaret (O’NEAL) JACKSON on 30 September 1840 in Copiah, Mississippi.  When Javan was 18 years old, his parents and two siblings were massacred by the Comanche at Pecan Bayou, Brownwood, Brown County Texas on 21 October 1858.

Historical Marker Jackson Massacre

Javan and Mary Jane (Smith) Jackson

Jackson, Mary in foreground. Jackson, Jeffery in background

Frank Jackson

Annie Emily Franklin Jackson

James S. Jackson

Jeffery Jackson

Lydia Jackson Eller

Javan married Mary Jane SMITH, daughter of Benjamin Franklin and Wilmeth Catherine (THOMPSON) SMITH.  Mary Jane was born in Limestone, Alabama 19 November 1846, and died in Travis County Texas 26 March 1923.  Javan died 18 November 1918 in Hamilton County, Texas.  As his death certificate (“Jay William Jackson”) does not indicate where his is buried (VC Brandon informant), Javan might be buried in Pond Springs Cemetery.  He does not appear to be buried in Hamilton County Texas.  Mary Jane JACKSON is buried in Pond Springs Cemetery.  Known children:

i.  Josahway Frank JACKSON, born in San Saba County Texas 2 October 1867, died Travis County Texas 25 May 1959.  Married Annie Emily FRANKLIN, born in England to John and Annie (WARNER) FRANKLIN 29 March 1879 (death certificate says 19 May 1879), died Williamson County Texas 2 October 1922.  Both are buried in Pond Springs Cemetery.

ii.  Lydia Mildred JACKSON, born in Williamson County Texas 29 March 1869, died 2 February 1925 Williamson County Texas.  Married Robert Franklin ELLER.  Both are buried in Pond Springs Cemetery.

iii.  Virginia Katherine “Jennie” JACKSON, born in Williamson County Texas 13 July 1870, died 5 March 1948 in Hamilton County Texas.  Married Robert Miller BRANDON.  Both are buried Evergreen Cemetery, Hamilton County Texas.  Virginia was the informant on her father’s death certificate.

iv.  Martha JACKSON, born in Williamson County Texas 24 October 1874, died in Houston Texas 14 April 1954.  Buried Hollywood Cemetery, Houston Texas.  Married Thomas Hill FOSTER who is buried in Pond Springs Cemetery.  Married second to C. Asbury McCLENDON.

v.  John Thomas JACKSON, born in Williamson County Texas 26 January 1876, died in Williamson County Texas 8 February 1968, and is buried in Cedar Park Cemetery, Austin Texas.  Married Nora BOATRIGHT.

vi.  Mary JACKSON, born in Williamson County Texas ca. 1878.  No further info.

vii.  Willmouth Louisa JACKSON, born in Williamson County Texas March 1881.  No further info.

viii.  James S. JACKSON, born 1 March 1883, died 4 May 1883.  Buried in Pond Springs Cemetery.

ix.  Dora Dee JACKSON, born in Williamson County Texas 17 March 1885, died 22 February 1975, buried Austin Memorial Park Cemetery.  Married Franklin HOLDEN.

x.  I. Jay JACKSON, born in Williamson County Texas 2 October 1887.  Married Etta A. CLUDE, Annie JONES, and Hallie GLASS.  Died in Travis County Texas 27 October 1973.  He is buried in Austin Memorial Cemetery.

xi.  Percy P. JACKSON, born in Williamson County Texas August 1890, died in 1911.   Married Pearl Matilda INMAN in Cedar Park, Williamson County Texas on 10 July 1910.  Percy is buried in New Hope Cemetery, Cedar Park Texas.

xii.  Jeffery Green JACKSON, born 18 February 1893 to J. and Mary Jane (SMITH) JACKSON, died Williamson County Texas 26 March 1962.  Jeffery is buried in Pond Springs Cemetery.  Married Hessie JONES.  Hessie was born 2 February 1900 and died 4 January 1980.  Hessie is buried in Merrelltown Cemetery, Austin Texas.

– Suzanne

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  1. Wow – Thank you from a local history buff for doing this. I would like to add this blog to Local History Links at Local History – There are quite a few cemeteries in the area I hope people will preserve. Let me know if the link is OK or if there is some reason you would not want to connect this blog to other local history sites.

  2. WOW, indeed, these are all my kin folk, I have been to Pondsprings when I was young boy with my father Kenneth R. Jackson and the memory is very vague now, would love to visit again but unfortunatley I reside in the U.K. as dad was stationed over here and settled. Thank you very much for the Blog.

  3. My great grandparents are Frank and Annie Jackson- also related to the Jackson massacre. When we first moved to Austin in 1982, the only way to this cemetery was from a little dirt road from 620- and the weeds were up to our chests- used weed eaters and lawn mowers to clean it out then.

    • Yes, we had heard that the original entry was in what is now the back of the cemetery. There’s even a gate there. Thanks for helping even if it was “back then”

  4. I’m descended through Javan and Mary Jane’s son John Thomas. Thanks so much for including the picture of Javan and Mary Jane! I have a copy but the one on your site is much clearer/better quality. I look forward to sharing it with my Granny and other relatives!

  5. I am a descendent of Javan and Mary Jane Smith Jackson. Thanks for the Info. I have been researching off and on for several years!

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