Names without Stones

OK, so we have stones with names, stones with no names, graves with no stones-

Here’s to the Names with no Stones:

BLANCO, Doroteo (1895-1972)

CHAPMAN, Edna Lou (1915-1921)

DAVIS, Ethel (1921-1921)

EHRHARDT, Karl (1862-1929)

ELLER, Andy (1900-1910/1920; stone possibly found, not sure)

ELLER, Pleasant (1883-1969; stone possibly found, not sure)

ENNIS, James Madison (1848-1908)

HUGGINS, Walter (1874-1919)

HUGGINS, Effie Bird (1892-1919)

RAMOS, Elbira J. (1944-1946)

RUTLEDGE, Edgar (unk)

RUTLEDGE, Effie (stone possibly found, not sure)

STEWART, Beulah (1891-1918)

TUTTLE, James Warwick (ca 1870-1900/1910)

There are undoubtedly more to be uncovered.  These provide the greatest personal challenge.  As always, any help appreciated.  Somebody out there knows something about at least one of these people !

– Suzanne

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  1. Beulah Stewart was The wife of Arthur Dink Stewart and the daughter Of James T and Laura Caroline Woody Eller and the twin of my great grandmother Zula

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