More Names with no Stones

COMPLETED Williamson County Death certificates, starting in 1903, ending in 1965.  The following were buried in Pond Springs per their death certificates, but they are not enumerated in the 1964 transcription:

i.  Baby Girl BIRD, daughter of Booker Melvin BIRD and Katie HAMILTON, born in Williamson County 16 September 1918, died in Williamson County 20 September 1918.  Booker Melvin BIRD was Effie May (BIRD) HUGGINS’ uncle.  This child would have been her cousin.

ii.  Alvin Thomas JACKSON, born to John Thomas and Norah (BOATRIGHT) JACKSON in Williamson County Texas on 24 May 1899, died in Williamson County Texas 2 November 1919.

iii.  Thomas SOLIZ, born to Thomas and Mary (ROBEO) SOLIZ in Bexar County Texas on 18 August 1916, died in Williamson County Texas 28 September 1920.

iv.  Lola ARRIDONDO (1905-1921), daughter of Demetrio and Nestoria ARRIDONDO.

v.  George A. WALKER, born in North Carolina 11 November 1841, died in Williamson County Texas 19 June 1922.George seems to have been a lodger with the WALDEN family for many years.

vi.  Daniel Adam NANCE, born in Texas 20 February 1858 toWright and Catherine (DOTY) NANCE, died in Williamson County Texas 27 January 1925. Married Martha Elizabeth MILLS.

vii.  Dwight Louis SWINDALL, born in Williamson County Texas 5 March 1944, died in Williamson County Texas 6 March 1944.  Parents Elijah and Marie (GEORGE) SWINDALL.  Elijah SWINDALL was born in Texas 9 September 1914, died in Houston Texas 5 April 1991.  Marie (GEORGE) SWINDALL was born in Texas 7 August 1915, died 4 July 1991.

viii.  Francisco Aguero PADILLA, born in Mexico to Gabriel and Louisa Maria PADILLA on 2 April 1872, died in Leander, Williamson County Texas 18 July 1947.

POSSIBILITIES: (death certificate says “Jollyville”, could be Jolly Cemetery but is not listed in Find A Grave in any cemetery in Williamson County).  Usually “Jollyville” meant Rhodes Cemetery, but not always.

Eva Jane BROWN, 1926-1926

Baby Girl CUNNINGHAM 1919

Wanda Lou DONNHIN 1927-1928

Auddie WALLACE 1930-1931

Marcela AGUERO 1935-1936

Guadalupe BOCANEGRA 1935-1936

William Lewis CARTER 1883-1958

Robert Edgar BREWER 1890-1955

The ones that I wonder about (because Find-A-Grave might be incomplete):

i.  MOORE, Florence Lee:  1936-1936.  Lived in Liberty Hill, buried in “Cedar Park”, not enumerated in Find-A-Grave.

ii.  DeLa ROSA, Hermenegildo:  1928-1947.  Lived in Leander, buried in “Leander”, not enumerated in Find-A-Grave.

If you can provide assistance and guidance in any way about the above named persons, please contact this blog.

– Suzanne

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