Benn Franklin and Nancy Ellen McClure Headstones Repaired

Benn Franklin Headstone Before Repair

Benn Franklin’s Headstone Set With Reinforcement Rods and Epoxy

B Franklin’s Headstone Set With The New Base.

This week Benn Franklin’s headstone was cleaned. After cleaning holes were drilled for reinforcement rods and the 2 pieces for the headstone were epoxied together. Once the epoxy was dry I then used a mortar mix to fill in the gaps that were there due to destruction and weathering.

Nancy Ellen McClure Before Repair

New Base For N E. McClure’s Headstone.

Secondly Nancy Ellen McClure’s headstone was cleaned and then reinforced with rods and epoxied to secure the 2 pieces f the headstone. After the epoxy dried a mortar mix was added to fill in the cracks and weathered/worn areas.

This is a picture of Benn Franklin’s Grave showing the cement border that was covered by several inches of soil. the cement border was badly damaged and was determined that repair of the border would be too extensive at this time and may be too intrusive into the grave.

The completed headstones.

Benn Franklin’s Headstone Repaired 2010

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  1. I was once told that if you remember a deceased persons birthday their memory will last forever.
    Happy Belated Birthday Nancy Ellen.

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