Laura Jane Campbell Headstone Repaired

Laura J. Campbell Before Repair

Laura Jane Campbell (Feb. 12, 1868 – Sept. 13, 1892) was the daughter of Green McClure and Mary Jane Carter. She was married to William Thomas Campbell at the time of her death by a bee swarm.

Laura Campbell’s Grave

Laura J. Campbell During Repair

Laura Campell had her headstone reconstructed from the 3 surving pieces to 1 piece by drilling out for support rods and epoxy. Cement mortar was used to fill in the holes and cracks on the headstone A base was built upon the cement slab surrounding the reconstructed headstone that was drilled out using support rods fitted from the headstone into the cement slab. The base was built around the supported headstone to upright and secure it. A  corner horn was broken off from the headstone along with the bottom half, as this headstone was originally about 2.5 feet taller and over the years the pieces have been lost or destroyed. Unfortunately I could not rebuild these parts of the headstone.

Laura Campbell’s Grave Repaired

Laura Jane Campbell 2010

The verse on the bottom of the headstone reads, ” Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God”.

– Buster

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