Three Grave Sites Restored

2 Unknowns Adult and Child

Unknown Adult Grave Remade

Unknown Child Grave Remade

Spanish Grave Angle View

Spanish Grave Remade

Three grave sites  have been restored. The Spanish style grave with the rock forming an oval shape around it is located just North of Mr. and Mrs.  Buttery’s graves. The Spanish  style grave was sunken in and the stones on one side were missing while the stones on the other side were mostly buried into the ground. The buried stones were dug out of the ground, reset and new stones were placed to complete the oval of the grave. Rock and soil was used to fill in the sink hole to ground level.  The other two graves were of an adult and possibly a child. They too were sunken and the adult grave  was still sinking in due to an old animal hole. Again rock and soil was placed on the two graves bringing them to ground level. Field headstones and footstones were added to them to mark their locations.

Teardrop portion of headstone

2nd piece of teardrop headstone

2nd square cut stone with grooves

Square like stone

2nd squarish stone with angle cut

Nearby pieces and fragments of  various headstones were found buried in the ground. Two of the larger pieces of stone are of the type that would have been of the same headstone. The headstone would have formed a cathedral type point at the top of the stone.  All the other pieces are small but definitely show human hands at work and 90 degree corners.

Newly Found Grave Marker

Also a field grave stone (possibly used as a footstone) was uncovered East of the Ellers and South of the Wards inline with the Shannon Family graves.


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