Mr. Zimmerman

Emmanuel Zimmerman

Per family researcher

First Generation

Johann Christian Zimmerman was born Nov 4, 1726 in Hof, Nassau-Dillenburg, Germany, and died Mar 14, 1793 in Friedberg NC. He immigrated on the “Neptune” in September 1751, and in 1758 married the widow Anna Catharina Meyer Jensen (1739-1808), daughter of Matthias Meyer & Anna Barbara Binckele (who later married Johann Valentin Frey). Christian and Catharina moved from PA to NC in 1758. There they bought 570 acres near the Friedberg Meeting House on the south side of Frey’s Creek adjacent to settler Adam Spach‘s property. Moravian records indicate that Christian and Catharina were threatened by Indians shortly after their arrival and were invited by Br. August Gottlieb Spangenberg to take shelter in the fort at Bethabara in 1760 for several months.

Second Generation

Children of Christian Zimmerman and Anna Catharina Meyer:

Margaretha Barbara Magdalena Zimmerman (1759-1844) m. Johann Heinrich Petree (1755-1804)
Johannes Zimmerman (1760-1807) m. Rosina Hoehns (Hanes) (1758-1825)
Christian Zimmerman (1762-1836) m. 1) Sarah Frey (1766-1786), 2) Catharina Wesner (1768-?)
Benjamin David Zimmerman (1763-aft. 1836) m. Elizabeth Reinhardt, lived Lincoln Co. NC
Anna Susanna Zimmerman (1765-1837) m. 1) Caspar Gunther (d. bef. 1786), 2) Conrad Kroehn (Green) (1763-1826)
Regina Elisabeth Zimmerman (1767-1844) m. 1) Jacob Miller (1761-1803), 2) Johann Heinrich Krieger (1753-1828)
Matthias Samuel Zimmerman (1769-1835) m. 1) Elizabeth Butts (ca. 1779-ca. 1814), 2) Susanna Butts (ca. 1787-ca. 1838; lived Lincoln Co. NC, later moved to Gibson Co. IN
Catharina Zimmerman (1771-1843) m. Johann Adam Fishel (1768-1843)
Joseph Zimmerman (1772-1845) m. Catharina Fiscus (ca. 1782-?), moved to Morgan Co. IN
Daniel Thomas Zimmerman (1774-1855) m. Elisabeth Knauss (1777-1814)
Sarah Zimmerman (1777-1843) m. John Beroth (1772-1831)
Anna Zimmerman (1780-1781)
Christina Zimmerman (1782-1829) m. Johannes Schultz (1772-1840)

Third Generation

Children of Benjamin David Zimmerman and Elizabeth Reinhardt (This family moved to Lincolnton, NC):

John Zimmerman (ca. 1789/1790-17 December 1830) –  Married Sarah, 1795 – 1 May 1837.
Christian R. Zimmerman (1790-1792)
Daniel Zimmerman (1794-1795)
Catharina Zimmerman (b. & d. 1797?)
Immanuel Zimmerman (1798-?)
Martin Zimmerman

Suzanne’s Notes:

Emmanuel ZIMMERMAN was born in Lincolnton, Lincoln County North Carolina in 1798 to Benjamin David and Elizabeth (REINHARDT) ZIMMERMAN.  He had five siblings – four brothers and one sister.  By 1831, only Emmanuel and his brother Martin survived.  Of German descent, the family (or some members of it) apparently changed their surname to CARPENTER in the early 19th century, for religious/persecution reasons.  Although this muddied the research waters a bit, I still never found anything on Emmanuel CARPENTER and have no reason at this point to say that “our” Mr. Zimmerman ever changed his last name.

I think that perhaps his older brother referred to himself as “Colonel”  John ZIMMERMAN in the 1830 Lincoln County North Carolina census.  Both his brother John and John’s wife are buried Old White Church Cemetery, Lincoln Co NC.

I think his younger brother, Martin, was born ca. 1805-1810 in North Carolina, and he perhaps died in Coryell County Texas.  A Martin ZIMMERMAN was a widowed tailor in the 1880 Coryell County Texas census with his (maimed/crippled) son Joseph M. who was born ca. 1839 in North Carolina.   Martin was born in North Carolina as was his mother (his father was born in Pennsylvania).   In 1850, I believe I have found him in the Giles County Tennessee census:  MF Zimmerman 45, born North Carolina, Mary 43, born North Carolina, Caroline 20,  born North Carolina, Joseph 15, born North Carolina, John 8, born Tennessee, George 4, born Tennessee.  I have found no further info on the members of the family.

Since our Mr. Zimmerman was born in 1798 in North Carolina, I decided to start there.

1800 Lincoln County NC:

David (26-44)
Michael (26-44)
Samuel (26-44)

Only David and Michael had boys under 10.  David and Samuel were next-door-neighbors.  David might have been in the 1830 Lincoln Co NC census, born 1760-1770.  He was gone by 1840.  I can find no analogous information in David, Samuel, or Michael in the 1810 or 1820 North Carolina censuses.

1830 Lincoln Co NC:

David born 1760-1770

Col. John born 1790-1800

Martin b. 1800-1810

The next census that reveals anything helpful is the 1850 Leon County Texas census:  Emanuel ZIMMERMAN, 50, born in North Carolina, overseer for George Bannerman (brother of Leon County Texas Legislator Charles T. Bannerman originally from Hanover County North Carolina)  As I have not found our Mr. Zimmerman in the 1860 census, the next information came from the 1870 Williamson County Texas census:  Emeral ZIMMERMAN, 72, born North Carolina, working on farm of James STANDIFER (a relative of Calvin CHAMPION).

Emmanuel ZIMMERMAN Died 1 Feb 1877, likely in Williamson County Texas, ten years to the day after the “1867 stone” Unknown.

If you have anything to add, please contact this blog.

– Suzanne

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