Membership Fees

Hello again, we seem to hear “How can I help?” quite a lot –
In addition to “Sweat Equity”, we do take monetary donations. These days, it’s mostly spent on gas for the mower !  Anyway, if you are interested in donating to this worthy cause, Association Fees are $25 per year. Of course, we will accept more if you are so inclined 🙂

We also accept donations in the form of goods and services.  Somebody’s there quite a lot, but if we’re not there, just leave under the wooden sign:

1  Water for the Water Barrel.  When you visit, bring a gallon or two, and pour it straight through the lid or leave it under the sign.

2  Paint supplies such as 1-inch brushes, 2-inch brushes, clean towels/rags/bedsheets, painter’s tape.

3  Round Up for Brush and Ivy, or equivalent.  Personally I like 20% Vinegar (which is NOT the kitchen kind, and can be found at Lowe’s) it costs about the same but kills quicker

4  Cleaning supplies — soft-bristle toothbrushes, ammonia

5  We seem to perpetually have a brush pile.  Removal, even in small increments, would be much appreciated.

6  Garden Tools, gas-powered or manual (there is no electricity).  If you’d like to donate your old WORKING lawn mower, we’ll take it.  Same for gas powered edger, trimmer, chain saw.

– Suzanne

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