William & Ann Buttery

Ann on left, partially missing; William on right.

William P. (Patterson?) BUTTERY was born ca. 1811 in England, and died 3 October 1885 in Williamson County Texas.  He married Ann (?)ROBINSON.  Ann was born ca. 1806 in England, and died 20 July 1883 in Williamson County Texas.  Both William and Ann are buried in Pond Springs Cemetery.

Although they say that they immigrated prior to 1850, the family has been difficult to find in the United States prior to 1860.  I have found a William and Ann Buttery in 1850 in Troy, Renssalear County, New York.   William (stove mounter) was 32 years old, born in England.  Ann was 30 years old and born in Ireland.  Daughter Eliza J Buttery was 1 year old and born in New York.  I don’t really think this is the same family, but thought it worthwhile to post.  There are numerous “William and Ann Buttery” in Passenger Lists.  It is difficult to narrow it down, with the possible exception of a large BUTTERY family that arrived in New Orleans on the “Virginia” 2 August 1850.

The family can be found in the 1860 and 1870 Travis County Texas censuses, and the 1880 Williamson County Texas census.

William and Ann BUTTERY had two known children:

i.  John BUTTERY, born 1832 in Yorkshire England.  Per the 1900 Waller County Texas census, John immigrated to the United States in 1847.   A John BUTTERY (born 3 May 1830, died 23 January 1910) is buried in Oakwood Cemetery in Austin; unknown if this is the same man, I cannot find a death certificate in Texas.   Sometime between 1860 and 1870, John married Mary Elizabeth WELLS, likely in Travis County Texas.  They had 5 known children:

a.  William Patterson BUTTERY, born in Texas in September 1862/1864, died in Miles, Runnels County Texas 2 July 1914.  Married Minnie MOORE.

b.  Julia Margaret BUTTERY, born in Texas 1866.  No further info.

c.  Thomas Green BUTTERY, born in Texas 20 September 1868, died 12 January 1915 in Travis County Texas.  Buried Oakwood Cemetery, Austin Texas.

d.  Walter BUTTERY, born in Texas 1871.  No Further info.

e.  Lula M. BUTTERY, born in Texas 23 February 1873, died 17 November 1956 in Houston Texas.  Married Davis Weaver HANCOCK.

ii.  Hannah “Annie” BUTTERY, born in England April 1844, died in Travis County Texas 14 December 1932.  Annie immigrated to the United States in 1849 per the 1900 census.  She married Jasper Newton STEWART, son of Laban and Nancy (WELLS) STEWART.  Per her death certificate, Annie is buried in Pond Springs Cemetery; as Jasper’s death certificate has not been located, I assume he is buried in Pond Springs as well.     Annie and Jasper had eight children, five lived to adulthood, seven are accounted for here:

a.  Mary STEWART, born 1864.

b.  William Riley STEWART, 1866-1946.  One of Jasper’s brothers, William Riley STEWART, died in the Civil War.  Before he died, he wrote a letter to his wife in which he references “I received a letter from Jasper day before yesterday. He was well. He was in Illinois. He said John Buttery and the old man was well-”

c.  Pleasant Newton STEWART, born 1867/1868

d.  Flora STEWART 1869-1875

e.  Eli STEWART 1874-1953

f.  Ewell STEWART 1876-1973

g.  Arthur “Dink” STEWART, 24 April 1879-11 September 1955.   Married Beulah ELLER, both are buried in Pond Springs Cemetery.

If you can shed light on this family, please contact this blog.

– Suzanne.

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  1. Mary Elizabeth Wells, b 1841 TN,married John Buttery 12 Jan 1862 Travis County TX. Mary Elizabeth is the first of the six children of Andrew Jackson Wells (1818 NC-after 1855 MO) and Nancy Lawson(1822 TN- 1888 MO). Andrew J. Wells is a younger brother of Nancy Wells(wife of Laban Stewart). Andrew J. Wells is the son of James Wells and Margaret Williams. Mary Elizabeth Wells is 9 in the Campbell,Searcy County, AR census. She is married to John Buttery by the 1870 census Travis County TX and is 29. The children of Mary Elizabeth Wells and John Buttery include William 1864, Emily 1865, Julia 1866, Thomas 1869, Walter 1871 and Lore 1873. Julia Margaret Buttery b June 1866 TX married William McClure b 19 June 1862 TX on 31 Oct 1885. Julia and William have 7 children. William is the son of Susan Stewart and Green(e) McClure. Susan Stewart is daughter of Laben Stewart and Nancy Wells. How is that for weaving in and out of families!!! John Buttery’s sister Annie I have as Hannah, called Annie, but I will check that… Annie Buttery married Jasper Newton Stewart 18 March 1862 Travis County TX. Jasper Newton is son of Laban Stewart and Nancy Wells. I have Annie and Jasper’s first child as Mary 1864 and the second as William Riley Stewart b 22 March 1865 Austin TX, d 22 June 1946 Fort Worth, Tarrant County, TX (named after Jasper’s older brother). This WRS is buried in Laurel Land Cemetery Cemetery, Fort Worth TX. When I get home I can send more information. Perhaps others can confirm or correct this… Karen

  2. Oops! Sorry, the iPad wasn’t cooperating.
    I continue to be interested to see if or how these Buttery’s are connected to my family: the Buttery’s of Llano, Tx who immigrated from Whitby, Yorkshire, En in 1848 though New Orleans.

    It appears that William and my great-great-grandfather John lived very similar and parallel lives. My GGF John was born in Whitby in 1806 and died in Llano in 1881.
    I do not have information on John’s parents. I may have it in some old research that is back at home(I am on vacation) and will look when I get home next month.

    • Hi, all of this seems plausible to me, but further research is necessary. First, “Buttery” is a fairly unusual surname, and as you have noted, for two men to have that name from the same country in roughly the same place and time should give one pause. Second, as I am sure you know, “our” William had a son named John. “Things that make you go ‘Hmmm’…..” Yes, please do keep me posted as to your previous research, and I think I will do a little of my own.
      – Suzanne

  3. so I had the genealogy book with me in a box of photos I brought for our reunion!
    the book was compiled by my great uncle, L. L. Butteryb1890-d1973) of Cuero, originally of Llano. He was my Grandfathers (Albert James Buttery b1888-d1972) next younger brother, the 10th of 11 children of Henry C Buttery(b1844-d1911). Henry C Buttery was the son of John Buttery (b1806-d1881). Henry C. was born in Yorkshire, England.
    John was born at Cliff House near Whitby educated at Oxford as a civil engineer. He married Elizabeth Betty Heslop (b1814-d1891) also from Whitby area. They lived at Tunnel Inn and following some bad busniess deals that left him with no money or wealth he immigrated. He and one brother came to Texas, one brother went to Pennsylvania and two went to Australia.
    I don’t know the brother’s name that came to Texas with him and it very well could be William. The men worked their way over on a cargo ship and came in through New Orleans then to Galveston. The rest of the family was delayed and went to Spain, Cuba and finally to Galveston over 4 months.
    once reunited john moved his family to Austin to a farm on the Colorado River at present site of Lake Austin. His brother joined him. John then entered the cattle business and moved to the Llano area (Honey Creek area)just before the Civil War began.
    There is no more mention of John’s brother.
    At the end of the narrative account which includes some letters from distant relatives in Whitby there is a letter from an Albert R Buttery (b1912-d? in Miles, TX) who also lived in San Angelo in 1958 when this was compiled. I knew there were some other Buttery’s in the area when I was growing up and they pronounced it ‘Buttry’ with 2 syllables. I knew they were ‘cousins’ of some sort, but we never had anything to do with them.
    Here’s where it gets interesting…. The letter opens with… “My grandfather was William Buttery.”… they lived 7 miles NE of Austin on a farm. The Buttery children of this William were listed as William Patterson Buttery (b1863-d1914)(Albert R’s father), Thomas, Julia (married/settled in Big Springs), and another sister he didn’t know the name of who still lived on the old Buttery homestead near Waller, TX.
    William Patterson was born and grew up on the NE Austin farm. He moved to Miles, TX and met and married his wife, this Albert R’s mother, Minnie Moore. Albert’s father William P died in 1919 and they moved to San Angelo.
    He goes on to say his Grandfather William was a farmer near Austin and that he died in or about 1908 or 1910 and he was burried (he thought) in Austin. The Grandmother Buttery came to their home in Miles and died in 1918 and was buried there in Miles by her son, his father who died in 1914. He only calls her Grandmother Buttery.
    (OK, i wrote a book! maybe this will help piece the puzzle together.) I have more names and dates but not any older ones….

    • Yikes ! Thank you ! Let me go through this…..

      I have found the death certificate for William Patterson Buttery. He died 2 July 1914 in Miles, Runnels County, Texas. His birthdate is not listed, but his age is listed as 51 years, 10 months old. So he was born ca. September 1862. His parents are listed as John Buttery (born in England) and Mary Wells (born in Tennessee). Informant is ME Buttery of Miles, Texas.

      “Your” Albert’s grandfather was John Buttery, and his great grandfather was “Our” William Buttery, as William’s son John married Mary Wells. Welcome to Pond Springs !

      – Suzanne

  4. I was thinking that it is not clear that the William Riley that died in the Civil War ( brother of Jasper as you stated) is son of Laban Stewart and Nancy Wells. THAT William Riley Stewart was b 1830 TN, m 18 Jan 1853 Barry County MO, d 17 August 1865. Letter from the Veterans Administration: “Wm. (William) R. Stewart, Sergeant, Company D, 1st Texas Cavalry, Civil War. He died on August 7, 1865. His remains are interred in Grave 415, Section B, in Alexandria National Cemetery, 209 Shamrock Avenue, Pineville, Louisiana 71360. The records further show that he was originally buried at Galveston, Texas. Perhaps this is the person you seek.”

    • Maybe I don’t have my thinking cap on at the moment, but what is it about this piece of information that is giving you pause? The month of death?

  5. Suzanne, This is what I have collected:
    Arthur Dink STEWART was born on April 24, 1879 in Texas.
    Birth date is on WWI Draft registration Card.
    He appeared on the census on June 1, 1880 in Williamson County, Texas. 1880 census: Arthur Steward is one year old.
    He appeared on the census in 1900 in Round Rock, Williamson County, Texas. 1900 census: Arthur Stuart 12 is with his parents. He appeared on the census on May 18, 1910 in Justice Precinct 8, Williamson County, Texas.
    1910 census MAYBE: Oscar D. Stewart 32 TX US US farm laborer, hired out, wife Beulah 19, Jessie 2, Alfred 5 months and nephew Jasper 16 TX TX TX woodcutter, cedar wood.
    Jasper is Jasper Riley son of Pleasant Newton Stewart, Arthur’s brother. Seven dwellings from older brother Eli Stewart.
    Arthue D. Stewart registered for the draft on September 12, 1918 in Georgetown, Williamson County, Texas.
    He is medium height, medium build, brown eyes and grey hair. His wife is indentified as Bula Stewart
    He appeared on the census on April 21, 1930 in Williamson County, Texas. 1930 census: A. D. Stewart 51 TX TX TX farmer widow, son Paul 17, son Alf. 20 TX. Next dwelling is cousin Nevada A. McClure 58 and her mother S. C. McClure 89. This is Susan Catherine Stewart McClure, Arthur’s Aunt.
    Arthur D. Stewart died on September 11, 1955 in Williamson County, Texas. Stone stated 77 years 1 mo 14 d. (1964 transcription).
    He was buried in Pond Springs Cemetery, Cedar Park, Williamson County, Texas.
    Arrangements were from Condra Funeral Home,Taylor,Texas as indicated by a marker. Tombstone states 77 years, 1 month, 14 days.
    Tombstone not found in 2009 but is in 1964 inventory.

    {Social Security Death Index has another ARTHUR STEWART 9 Jun 1879 Aug 1965 86 00000 (Arkansas) (not specified) Arkansas 431-60-0716}
    1 June 1880 Williamson County Texas one year old Arthur Steward
    26 June 1900 Williamson County Texas 21 year old Arthur Stuart single.
    1901 Did he marry Fannie R.??? Did they have 2 children?
    about 1906 married Bula Eller b 22 August 1889 TX, D 14 October 1918 Williamson County, TX, daughter of James T. Eller and Laura Caroline Woody.
    18 May 1910 Williamson County Texas 32 year old written as Oscar D. Stewart 32 married to Beulah 19, first marriage, four years, 2 of 2 children living, daughter Jessie 2, son Alfred 5 months and nephew Jasper 16. Seven dwellings from older brother Eli Stewart.
    12 Sept 1918 registered for the WWI draft. Listed Bula Stewart as wife.
    21 April 1930 Williamson Texas A. D. Stewart is widow with sons Paul 17 and Alf 20 at home.
    12 Sept 1955 death Williamson County, Texas
    Children with Bula include
    1. Jessie b 1908 TX
    2. Alfred Long Stewart b 20 Dec 1909 Cedar Park, TX, d 24 Nov 1973 Stephenville, Erath County, TX, married Leona Adell Bilbus, b 1922, d 1999.
    3. Paul Jasper Stewart 16 October 1912 Williamson TX, d 20 April 1998 Burnet County, TX (SSDI and TDI).
    4. Annie Viola Stewart b 29 April 1916 TX, d 30 May 1999 Burnet County, TX, married Mr. Harmon on 4 January 1974.

    He was married FIRST to Fannie R. STEWART? in 1901 in Texas. Fannie R. STEWART? was born on March 28, 1872 in Texas. She died on April 29, 1905 in Texas. She was buried in Pond Springs Cemetery, Cedar Park, Williamson County, Texas.
    Arthur Dink STEWART and Fannie R. STEWART? had the following children:
    1.Joyce Elane STEWART was born in 1900. She was buried in 1904 in Pond Springs Cemetery, Cedar Park, Williamson County, Texas.
    2.Burney Dink STEWART was born on January 9, 1905. He died on August 17, 1905. He was buried in Pond Springs Cemetery, Cedar Park, Williamson County, Texas.

    He was married SECOND to Beulah (Bula) Aline ELLER about 1906. Beulah (Bula) Aline ELLER was born on August 22, 1889 in Texas. She died on October 14, 1918 in Williamson County, Texas. She was buried in Pond Springs Cemetery, Cedar Park, Williamson County, Texas.
    Bula’s parents are James Thomas Eller and Laura Caroline Woody.
    Bula’s father, James Thomas Eller b 20 May 1857 TX, died 11 April 1938 Burnet County TX, buried Shady Grove Cemetery, Burnet County, Texas, son of Robert Woodson Eller and Marguerite Eveline Thaxton.
    Bula’s mother, Laura Caroline Wood b 22 April 1862 TN, died 21 June 1916 Burnet County TX, daughter of Wilson Woody and Sarah Ann Brown. Buried in Shady Grove Cemetery, Burnet County, Texas.

    1900 census Williamson County, TX: Eller, James 7 of 10 children are living.
    1910 census Williamson County, TX: Eller, James 8 of 11 children are living.
    Baby is in Pond Spring’s Cemetery, R W Eller.

    Beulah’s sister is Zula Mae Eller b Aug 1890, died 20 Jan 1973,, buried North Belton Cemetery, Belton, Bell County, TX plot 143, married to Albert S. Nettle b 1889, died 1964. Zula’s daughter is Lela Nettles Baggerly.

    Bula’s grandfather is Robert Woodson Eller 1827-1915, buried Davis Cemetery.

    In Pond Springs Cemetery also find Andy Eller 1900.
    Lydia Mildred Jackson Eller b 29 March 1869
    Mamie Beatris Johns Eller 14 June 1900
    Pleasant Randolph Eller 29 Mar 1883
    Robert Frank Eller 12 Oct 1865
    Thomas Herbert Eller 5 May 1886
    Wilson Woody b 28 Sept 1824 d 29 Jan 1884 , grandfather of Beulah, husband of Sarah Ann Brown b 31 Dec 1827, d 5 Dec 1903, buried Antioch Cemetery, Buna Jasper County, TX.

    Arthur Dink STEWART and Beulah (Bula) Aline ELLER had the following children:
    1.Jessie STEWART was born in 1908 in Texas. She appeared on the census in 1910 in Williamson County, Texas.
    2.Alfred Long STEWART (born on December 20, 1909).
    3.Paul Jasper STEWART (born on October 16, 1912).
    4.Annie Viola STEWART was born on April 29, 1916 in Texas. She died on May 30, 1999 in Burnet County, Texas. Annie Stewart married Mr. Harmon 4 Jan 1974.


    5. Alfred Long STEWART (Arthur Dink-1) was born on December 20, 1909 in Cedar Park, Williamson County, Texas.
    He appeared on the census in 1910 in Williamson County, Texas. He appeared on the census on April 21, 1930 in Williamson County, Texas.
    He died on November 24, 1973 in Stephenville, Erath County, Texas.
    Alfred Stewart married Leona Adell Bibus. She b 1922, d 1999.
    Alfred Long STEWART and Leona Adell BIBUS had the following children:.John Wayne STEWART.

    6. Paul Jasper STEWART (Arthur Dink-1) was born on October 16, 1912 in Williamson County, Texas.
    He appeared on the census in 1930 in Williamson County, Texas. He died on April 20, 1998 in Burnet County, Texas.

    The River Cities Daily Tribune 8 JUly 2010:
    Callie Teresa Stewart, 87, of Burnet died June 30, 2010. She was born Aug. 11, 1922, to Benjamin Massingill and Maude Varner Massingill in Oatmeal.
    She married Paul Jasper Stewart April 8, 1939. She was a homemaker. She loved gardening, animals, fishing and spending time with family. She never met a stranger and was loved by all.
    Survivors include daughters Wanda Powell, Evelyn Smith and Fay Miles, all of Burnet, and Linda Walker of Bastrop; sons Paul Dalton Stewart, Art Stewart and Jerry Don Stewart, all of Burnet; 25 grandchildren; numerous great-grandchildren; great-great-grandchildren; sister Maudie Ward of Burnet; and numerous nieces and nephews.She was preceded in death by her husband; daughters Joyce Elaine Stewart and Patricia Kay Stewart; and seven brothers and sisters.A memorial service is 10 a.m. July 10 at Hill Country Tabernacle of Praise in Burnet. END

    Paul Jasper Stewart was married to Callie MASSINGILL. Callie MASSINGILL was born on August 11, 1922. She died on June 30, 2010 in Burnet County, Texas. Paul Jasper STEWART and Callie MASSINGILL had the following children:
    1.Joyce Elaine STEWART was born on June 30, 1944 in Cedar Park, Williamson County, Texas. She died on August 25 1947 Texas.

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