The Broken Cross

Pile of Rocks in the Corner of the Picture Around the Pecan Tree Showing the Exact Location of the Broken Cross.

Pecan Tree with Pile of Rocks
The Broken Cross

In the early Spring of 2010 while removing rocks from around the base of the large Pecan Tree near the Jesse and Lucy Garcia graves a broken homemade cross was found. The rocks were being removed from around the base of the tree to keep the tree from being over taxed by the excess heat produced by the coming summer sun. The stack of rocks was up to 2.5 feet all the way around the tree. I was taking these rocks to a central location to begin building the Memorial Wall to honor the lost and forgotten graves. Once I had removed the rocks on the surface I began to use a hoe to loosen the rocks that had sunk into the ground. On my final search for rock around the tree I felt a scrape with the hoe on what I thought was a large flat rock about 2 inches underground. I was going to leave the rock where it was but the hoe caught the corner of the rock and pulled it as I lifted the hoe up. To my surprise the rock flipped up exposing a sculptured stone. I knelt down and picked up the stone up out of the briers and found myself holding a broken cross. The cross was taken home that night and carefully washed. It had the number “18” or what might be” 78″ and the letters “DE” scratched into it. Upon closer examination with a strong light and a magnifying glass one could see some etching or engraving in the stone. The letters looked like they may be “K _ _ A N _ A and a period. Since we could not match the cross to any names on our burial list at the time I decided that the identification of the stone would never truly be known. Now 2 years later and many man hours of research on the cemetery have been completed I decided to look at the cross again with fresh eyes and much more knowledge than before. Upon my new examination I decided the “18” and “DE” were just that but the other letters were “H HA _ A N _ A with a period. I believe that whoever wrote the inscription may have made a mistake and started over to fix a mistake or error. There are other markings but they are still not clear. I believe etching or engraving was tried many times causing the unclear printing of many images. At one time I thought I saw downward writing of “December”, “8”, and a random “S”. With these new insights into the letters plus the scratched in “18” and “DE” I believe this cross belongs to Hanna “Annie” Stewart who was born April 21, 1840 and died December 14, 1932.

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