Update: ALW — Confirmed as Audrey “Auddie” Leon Wallace

This is one of our most heartbreaking unknowns.  Although now badly damaged, someone cared enough to take the time and make this stone out of concrete, neatly writing:



_ed 193_.

Obviously died in the 1930s, likely in Williamson or Travis County Texas.  Something (possibly the size of the stone) has always led me to believe that this was a baby.

After extensive research (off and on over the past two years), I believe this to be the stone of Auddie Wallace, unless or until proven otherwise.  After reviewing thousands of death certificates for seven counties for 1930-1939 inclusive, I have found no other (close) match.

All we have on Auddie is his (very cryptic)  death certificate.  CA Baird (Cornelius Alonzo Baird) was the informant.  Auddie was born in August of 1930, and was one year and one month old at the time of his death on 11 September 1931.  His father was _____ Wallace, and his mother’s married name was Mabel Wallace.  This little guy died of kerosene oil poisoning.  He was buried in “Jollyville” by his parents.  That’s all we know.

I cannot determine the relationship of CA Baird to this child.  It doesn’t seem that he knew very much about the baby, other than the fact that his mother’s name was Mabel, and his parents were married.  I do not think CA Baird was related at all, but rather was someone of responsible standing able to speak for the obviously bereaved parents, like a neighbor, an employer, etc.  Census research has not revealed any information.

Found near Viola RICHARDS and her twins, this stone is superficial and not permanently placed in the ground; it could really belong anywhere.  With the combining of ALW and Auddie, our list now contains 230 names.

If you could help shed some light on the family of Auddie Wallace, or the identity of ALW, please contact this blog.

Update:  Audrey Leon WALLACE was born 2 July 1930 in Brownfield, Terry County Texas.  He died 11 September 1931 in Williamson County Texas.  His parents were Samuel Hampton “Hamp” and Vina Mable (CANTWELL) WALLACE.  It appears that the couple moved on to Kimble County Texas where they had eight other children.  Vina CANTWELL was born 1 November 1910 in Williamson County Texas, and died 24 January 1990 in Junction, Kimble County Texas.  Samuel Hampton WALLACE was born in Texas ca. 1903, and died in Kerrville, Kerr County Texas 17 January 1987.

Vina Mabel CANTWELL was a daughter of James Thomas “Tom” CANTWELL and Bertha Ann PURYEAR.  Her Aunt and Uncle, John Andrew and Sarah Eva (FRY) CANTWELL, are buried in Pond Springs Cemetery.  Although it is not too far away from them now, it is my belief that Auddie’s little stone was originally closer to his CANTWELL relatives.

– Suzanne

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  1. I was researching my Grandmothers Name (Vina Mabel Cantwell Wallace) and this popped up first! I remember the story when I was a child as my GrandMother told me of my Uncle Audrey, he was a Beautiful Little Boy as her heart Broke in telling me his story, a bottle of coal oil I think she said was left opened on the porch and he got into it, She wept as she told me of hers and my Grandpas Love for this child and how it affected them both so drastically! I would like to beleive that this headstone was placed ther by my Loving Treasure of a Grandfather “Samuel Hampton Wallace” this would definately fit the profile of something my Precious Grandfather would do. I can remember my Grandma telling me she used cloth from her wedding dress to line the casket and use some as a Blanket for her dear child. Thank You for all that you do to bring life back to such a Place Forgotten.

    With Great Respect,

    Rebecca Wallace Kierum

    • I am so thrilled to have heard from you. Little Auddie’s stone broke my heart for a long time; I KNEW someone loved him. Thank you for the beautiful wedding dress story. If you are ever in the area please come by and visit !

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