Pond Springs, Texas

I thought some people reading this blog might not know of the community of Pond Spring that existed in the mid to late nineteenth century. Established on Live Oak Prairie in the 1850’s near a spring that formed a pond. Pond Springs as it was called was located near the intersection of Highway 183 and Farm to Market Road 620. Anyone that lives in the area today or has driven by knows of the massive intersection connecting Hwy 183, FM620, and Toll Road 45. In the old days the Rutledge Family ran a General Dry Goods Store, Blacksmith Shop, and the local Post Office. Captain William P. Rutledge was the Postmaster until the Civil War ended and the new Federal Union Government stripped him of these duties for supporting the Confederacy. This did not faze the old captain because his wife, Margaretta “Etta” Oliphant Carter, was named the new Postmaster of Pond Springs. She got the post due to being from Indiana and supporting the Union during the war. The stagecoach line ran on the road passing by the Rutledge’s Store. As the community changed and the people moved on and new settlers came into the area Pond Springs came to be called Rutledge. As the areas’ population grew the settlements of Anderson’s Mill (the area of present day Volente) and Jollyville became more prominent and had their own post offices and local stores. In 1882 the Austin and Northwestern Railroad by-passed the small community sealing Pond Springs’ or Rutledge’s fate. The Pond Springs School was moved over near Jollyville and today a historical marker located at the corner of Anderson Mill Road and Pond Springs Road identifies the site of the old school. I do not know which came first the relocation of the community or the selling of the store. The store and its community were moved to the northeast near the intersection of Parmer Lane and FM620, the community was then called Rutledge or New Rutledge at that time, and the Rutledge Family sold the store to the Petri’s, a German immigrant family. In the 1980’s major growth happened in the area, the Pond Springs housing development and with it Pond Springs Elementary School. The old residents of the area tell me that church and camp revivals were held under the gigantic Oak Trees that were once in front of the Bank One Building. The trees were removed for the construction of the frontage road of the new Hwy 183. I believe this site to be the actual location of the community of Pond Spring. There is a creek there that has water in it most of the time and the nearby ground is low and prone to flood to this day. In the past this low ground would have allowed  a pond to develop. Also I was told that there use to be yearly carnivals in the area of the Bank One Building’s back parking lot. Just think of all the lost coin under the cement of the parking lot. Today Pond Springs, Texas does not have an exact location or a city council and a mayor but it will always have the Pond Springs Cemetery marking the Once-upon-a-time small settlement of Williamson County in the State of Texas.

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  1. Well done, Mr. Ferguson.

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