Effie Rutledge

Per the 1964 transcription, there is an “Effie Rutledge” buried in Pond Springs Cemetery.  Apparently in 1964, she was buried in the Southwest corner, in an isolated grave next to a “Rutledge” stone.

It took quite some time to define the identity of Effie Rutledge.  During the process, I was sidetracked by erroneous information, which led to Two Theories for Effie.  I have decided to leave the erroneous information here (Theory 1), so that future researchers do not have to reinvent the wheel like I did.

Theory 1:  Margaretta Frances OLIPHANT CARTER RUTLEDGE

Margretta Rutledge (1842-1915)  is buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Austin, Travis County Texas, Sec 1, Lot 203.   She is not buried in Pond Springs Cemetery.

In the 1850 Jefferson County Indiana census, Margaret OLIPHANT was the 8-year-old daughter of William and Jane OLIPHANT.  William, 37, was born in Scotland and Jane,  29, was born in Indiana.  Further research revealed Jane’s maiden name as Jane Elizabeth Van Zile.

Family researchers say that Margaret married Samuel Miles CARTER (1829 KY – 9  June 1863 Austin Texas) on 10 November 1858 in Austin Texas.  Samuel was the son of Samuel CARTER and Frances McCLURE, who was a daughter of James McCLURE (relation to the Pond Springs McCLURES unknown, but in my opinion a relationship likely exists).  After Samuel’s death, Margaret married William Pinkney RUTLEDGE in 1868; William is buried in Pond Springs Cemetery.

In the 1860 census Harris County Texas, SM Carter (32) was a merchant born in Kentucky.  His wife, 18 and born in Indiana (father was born in Scotland) was listed as “CF”.   Living with them was their 1-year-old son WO Carter (born in Texas), and JH McClure who was 68 years old and born in Pennsylvania.  A mystery, in that everything matches Margaret and family except for her initials being CF, and her son’s being WO.

“Etta” is in the 1870 Williamson County Texas census as the 28-year-old wife of William Pinkney Rutledge.  Although their last names are given as Rutledge, there are two known Carter children living with the family, William S. (11) and Lula (9).  Etta was born in Indiana.

“Ettie T/F” is in the 1880 Williamson County Texas census as the 38-year-old wife of William Pinkney Rutledge.  There are two Carter children living with the family, William S. Carter (20) and Lula Carter (18).  Ettie was born in Indiana, her father was born in Scotland, her mother was born in Texas (discrepancy with the 1850 census)

Known children of Samuel Miles and Margaretta (OLIPHANT) CARTER:

i.  William S. CARTER, born 11 August 1859 in Harrisburg Texas.  He married Julia _____.  William died 15 March 1925 in Baltimore Maryland.

ii.  Jennie Louise “Lula” CARTER, born 7 July 1861 in Harrisburg Texas.  Jennie married _____ GLOSSBRENNER.  She died in 1888.

I have located the death certificate of “Etta C. Rutledge”.  Per her death certificate, she was a widow, was a housewife from 1858 to 1914, born 18 June 1842 in Madison Indiana, and died 1 January 1915 in Chicago, Cook County Illinois.  She had lived in Chicago for 2 months, and she had lived in Illinois for 6 years.  She was buried in Austin Texas on the same day of her death (which I find questionable).  WS Carter (her son) of Peoria Illinois was the informant, and it appears that he incorrectly gave the name of HIS parents instead of Etta’s parents, as her parents are incorrectly listed as Samuel Carter, born in Kentucky, and Etta Olephant, born in Indiana.

I have personally located her grave also.  Margretta is buried alongside her parents, William and Jane OLIPHANT, and shares a plot with her daughter Jennie GLOSSBRENNER.  They are all enclosed together with a STUART family, who may or may not be actually related.

Margretta Oliphant Carter Rutledge, Oakwood Cemetery. Click to enlarge.

Circled: Margretta and her daughter Jennie. The two large stones next to Margretta are her parents, William and Jane Oliphant. In the foreground are members of a Stuart family.

William Oliphant, Oakwood Cemetery. Click to enlarge.

Jane Oliphant, Oakwood Cemetery. Click to enlarge.

William S. Carter obituary. Click to enlarge.

Theory 2:  Daughter of Manie Eugene and Addie Lavena (GLENN) RUTLEDGE

Not much is known for sure about this Effie, but by process of elimination, unless or until proven otherwise, I believe THIS ONE to be “our” Effie Rutledge.

All four of Effie’s grandparents are buried in Pond Springs/Walden Cemetery:  John Paisley and Sarah Elizabeth (WALDEN) GLENN, and James Thomas and Mary Estella (BUCHANAN) RUTLEDGE.  It is my belief that this child was much beloved.

Effie RUTLEDGE was born after 4 July 1900, likely in Liberty County Texas (her parents were in the 1900 Liberty County Texas census, taken on 4 July 1900.  As Effie is not listed, she must have been born after that date).  Addie was the mother of 1 child, 0 living.  Apparently the child was a girl, born and died in 1898.  I believe that the “Rutledge” stone of the 1964 transcription was that of Effie’s older sister.  Effie was apparently buried next to her.  Effie apparently never had a stone.

Family researchers say that Effie died in 1906.  Manie and Addie Rutledge can be found in the 1910 Williamson County Texas census with 2 sons and 1 daughter; unfortunately the census does not say how many children Addie had (it says this for all the other mothers, just not for Addie, who I believe did not want to talk about it)

In addition to Effie and her older sister, I believe Addie and Manie had lost at least one other child, for a total of three lost.  There are two handmade stones in the SouthWEST corner of Pond Springs Cemetery.  One says “1900 – Infants [plural] of Maney and Addie Glenn Rutledge”   Next to it is another stone that reads “2 Rutledge Babies”.  Both of these stones were found in 2005 propped up against a tree.  Perhaps both of these stones are in reference to Effie’s siblings, and through the years they were moved from their original location in the Southeast corner.

Manie Rutledge died in Amarillo, Potter County Texas 5 November 1928.  Addie Glenn Rutledge died in Big Springs, Howard County Texas 10 December 1964.  Both are buried in Whitharral Cemetery, Hockley County Texas.

Please help solve this puzzle, which I have diligently researched since 2005.  If you know anything about the identity and location of Effie RUTLEDGE, please contact this blog.

– Suzanne

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  1. Hi, My name is Rita McClure Turegano and I am related to all that you have in Theory 1. I have the will, that I just found in Columbus, Tx., of J H McClure (James H McClure) who was the uncle you mentioned in Theory 1. In the will he mentions bequests to ” ‘Etta’ Carter, the widow of my late nephew Captain Samuel M. Carter” also “To William Oliphant Carter and Jennie Louisa Carter, children of the above named.”

    A. In the 1960 census, I have no Idea why the census taker use the initials CF, I think it was an error on their part. Everything else seems to fit the Margareta that married Captain Samuel M Carter, such as Indiana and Scotland.

    B. I am confused why “William Oliphant” changed his name to William Samuel Carter. The 1960 census and the will both refer to him as William Oliphant.

    Thank you very much for the research that you did on this. It helps validate mine. I also have research on William “Oliphant” Samuel Carter’s grandparents, great grandparents, etc. if you are interested. I am a genealogist of over 40 years and retired Texas teacher. You can contact me at: rita943@yahoo.com or 281-389-9634

    • You’re welcome ! Nice to know that leaving Theory 1 in the document helped someone ! Like I said, it took me some time to piece it all together, and I left Theory 1 in place on my blog for future researchers, so they wouldn’t go through the same thing as I did. Us genealogists have to stick together like that !

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