The Ward Family Plot Fence

Ward Plot Fence Wire Completed 1

The Ward Family many years ago marked off their family plot and saw a need to build a fence. In those days so long ago cattle roamed the area and would bust into the cemetery through its fence and begin to graze. Cattle like to rub on anything rough and headstones could easily be the object of destruction. There was also the scourge of farrow hogs that are known to rut up the ground after roots and grubs. With these problems a good protective fence was well needed to save the graves from possible destruction. The Ward Fence was made to last with iron post cemented into the ground and chicken wire attached  forming the protective barrier. Time has taken its toll on the old fence with one post broken from the cement down in the ground and the wire rusted and broken. The time had come to repair the fence. I began by removing the wire from the post around the plot, then began straightening the crooked post and replaced the one broken post by cementing it into the ground. I then painted all the post black and began drilling holes into the metal post to set the eye bolts for the top wire. I then attached the cable wire to the post. I then drilled the holes for the  second row of eye bolts and fence cable. After the second wire was attached to the fence I had to use turnbuckles to tighten the two fence wires.  – Buster

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