The Cemetery Needs Help – Every Weekend, Any Weekend – pick a day

The cemetery is growing again, and I don’t want to see all the previous work go to waste.  It’s not “too too bad” now, but with all this Texas rain, by next week the weeds will be up to our eyeballs 🙂
I am calling upon our membership, and the public, to help.
As I see it, our choices are:
1  To pitch in some money, and/or withdraw just about everything from the bank account, to hire a crew.  Does anybody know of one.  Probably just cutting the cemetery once will wipe out our account.
2  To go out there and do it ourselves.  Personally I vote for this one.  I will be out there on the cemetery’s riding mower Saturday at 7 am.  If you’d like to bring your mower and help, please do so.  If you want to come out Sunday, help yourself.  If you want to help “Next weekend” or the one after that, or the one after that etc, feel free.  I guess the entire cemetery takes about 8 hours just to mow, but I only plan to be there until gas runs out.  Please remember that it is not safe for ANYONE to be out there alone.  If you know of a grandson, neighbor, anyone, who would like to help, let us know, or just show up when you can.  If you own a landscaping company, this can be a tax write-off.  I plan to be out there every Saturday at 7 am until this job is done.  I’m flexible; if you want to ride the riding mower, I can push my mower (it’s fixed now) just let me know in advance to bring it.
 – Suzanne
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