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This blog is a personal diary of the work being done at Pond Springs Cemetery, in the northeast part of Austin, Texas. It is an incredible place, and is estimated to have at least 300 people buried in it.  The first known burial was in 1862 (1860 in Walden) and it was deeded as a graveyard in 1872. It served the small community of Pond Springs, the majority of which was likely situated at the intersection of Anderson Mill Road and Pond Springs Road, about 2 miles away as the crow flies. When the nearby railroad moved, the community pretty much dried up, and only the cemetery remained as proof that there was ever a community there.  Much of the cemetery has been in extreme disrepair, for a long time. The cemetery is now surrounded by a car dealership, an apartment complex, and a Wal Mart as well as the newly built tollway. Due to the overgrowth and neglect it became a campsite for homeless persons, and over the years has been the victim of vandalism resulting in many of the stones being broken.  Apparently, cattle roaming in the cemetery also broke many stones.  Those stones are now being repaired.  Some of the stones have also sunken into the ground or fallen over due to erosion; those are now being placed up-right and leveled.

Not only is it being cleaned up, it’s also in the process of reconstruction – finding identities of “Unknowns” buried there, researching about the known people buried there, etc.  This hopefully gives fresh life to its history and to these wonderful people.  In many cases, information is obtained directly from descendants, by responding to this blog.  Beyond that, further research is being done, mostly using Ancestry.com, Find-A-Grave.com, FamilySearch.com, Archives,com, Footnote.com, and Google.  Proper citation is currently being placed.  If a citation is missed, please let the blog know, so certainly credit can be given where credit is due.  Likewise, please advise the blog of any errors or missing information, which is undoubtedly here despite best efforts.   This blog is not intended to be an official source of genealogical information; the information is presented in an informal fashion and is not the result of professional research.

It is hoped that others will be touched by the historical significance of this place and will help in restoring its beauty. This blog is dedicated to the memory of those who are buried at the cemetery and their contributions to Austin’s history.

– Suzanne

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