Clean Up Day Success

Clean Up Day went very well !  It was HOT HOT HOT !  I think I am going to change the date to semi-annually, in April and October or something like that, due to the weather.  More to follow.

I’d like to thank Malcolm, Gloria, Tracey, Stephanie, and Steve for pitching in some “sweat equity”

There’s still more to do (there always is), but almost the entire acre was cleared and cleaned.

All the stones are up-to-date with their cleaning.  If they didn’t particularly need cleaning then I didn’t bother.  Remarkable differences made to the stones of Mr and Mrs Petri, and Mrs. Prewitt.  I took photos, and of all times for my camera to act up, I can’t post them !

Thanks Gloria for all the supplies you bought.  Gloria did a spectacular trash detail.  And thank God she took pictures (posted)

Malcolm and Steve completed the mowing/trimming of the ENTIRE cemetery.   Thanks to Steve and Tracey for all the supplies (and food) you brought as well !

Fun Factoid: Believe it or not, we went through 21 gallons of water in our cleaning efforts (and I also watered the lavender, Tracey watered the roses); since we all brought the water, we did not need to tap into the 55 gallon drum at all. Always a good thing.

Clean Up Day June 2013
Clean Up Day June 2013b
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