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Hello and welcome to our blog.  Pond Springs Historical Cemetery Association Inc. is a grass-roots effort to clean up our beloved acre, also known as “God’s Garden”.  If you have the need to be a hero, God’s Garden needs you !

Pond Springs Cemetery is an award-winning historical cemetery located in Northwest Austin, Texas.  The first known burial on the land was that of 6-month-old Jacob Leonce Glenn.  He died of a rattlesnake bite in October 1860, inflicted while his mother was distracted hanging laundry, (can you imagine?).  Jacob was buried in the Walden Section of Pond Springs Cemetery.  In 1862, Asenath Stewart was the first known burial in Pond Springs “proper”.  She died of a childbirth-related illness while her husband (Andrew Jackson (“AJ” or “Jack”) STEWART was a Private in Company D, 1st Texas Cavalry (Yager’s), CSA.  He died in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 4 days after Lee surrendered to Grant.  The 1st Texas Cavalry was organized in New Orleans Louisiana on 6 November 1862, 4 days before his wife died.  Asenath likely kissed him good-bye and went into labor while he was en route.  AJ wasn’t there for her death, or for the birth of his son.  It’s unclear that he ever saw his son.  The orphaned baby lived, by the way, and was raised by his Stewart grandparents.

There are dozens of stories like this one.  God’s Garden needs heroes to help tell the stories.

There are over 230 known/assumed graves, and there are perhaps 300 or more total, as there are numerous graves without markers, and death certificates without corresponding graves.  Research is ongoing.

As is the case with so many old cemeteries in Texas, this one was doing a very good job at re-foresting.  There was damage from roaming cattle, from the elements, from downright vandalism, and from neglect.  Many people have worked on this cemetery through the decades.   By 2005, there wasn’t much left, and we have had to put the place back together like a gigantic puzzle.  It’ll probably be a lifelong project.  The county, the city, and the state are all “hiding” behind the wording in the original 1872 deed, and will not claim responsibility for upkeep.  No one takes care of it but us few volunteers.  Those interred here were good people, and they deserve better.  Please consider joining our grass-roots effort.  God’s Garden needs heroes.

In 2011, a few heroic descendants allied to form our Association.  Here is our meeting schedule:

Meetings held USUALLY on the Second Sunday at 10 am unless otherwise noted:

January at Whataburger across the street, Second Sunday at 10 am

April (Clean-Up Daze Second Sunday AND Second Saturday at cemetery)

July at Whataburger across the street, Second Sunday at 10 am

October (Clean-Up Daze Second Sunday AND Second Saturday at cemetery)

You do not have to be a member to attend a meeting OR to help clean up.  You don’t need permission to be an “Anonymous Angel” and clean up the place a little, just be careful and please don’t touch the stones in any way; that’s all we ask.

Now surrounded by the growth of Austin and Cedar Park, stepping into this cemetery is like stepping back in time, and stepping away from the hectic pace of modern-day life.   It’s a good place to “reconnect” and clear your head.  We absolutely adore this place, warts and all, and invite everyone to join our grass-roots effort.

Visitors, please:

In the spirit of a Benjamin Franklin quote,
“One can tell the morals of their culture by the way they treat their dead”:

1  BE CAREFUL.  No climbing on the stones, they may topple, stay clear of them.  There are also holes in the ground.  Pond Springs Historical Cemetery Association, Inc., is in no way responsible or liable for any injuries obtained on the property.

2  Respect the headstones and foot stones.  They are historical documentation, and for a lot of people buried there, they are the only proof that they were ever born.

3  Respect the flora, fauna, and wildlife on the property.

4  No camping.

5  No trespassing after dark.

6  No open flames.  This includes, but is not limited to, candles and cigarettes.

7  No alcohol.  Whether it is in an open container or not.

8  Whatever it is, “If you brought it in, you take it out”.

9  No chalking, foaming, rubbing of the stones.  Or any other means of capturing its info and charm, other than photography.  Photography only.

10  Legaleeze:  In the State of Texas, all cemeteries are protected under Criminal Mischief, Penal Code 28.03, which states:

    “An offense under this section is a state jail felony if the damage or destruction is inflicted on a place of worship or human burial, a public monument, or a community center that provides medical, social, or educational programs and the amount of the pecuniary loss to real property or to tangible personal property is less than $20,000.” (visit http://www.thc.state.tx.us/cemeteries/cemWord/CemeteryDesecretionWhitePaper.doc).  And if anyone is ugly enough to destruct us, we will be ugly enough to prosecute, call the news, get free legal representation……

If you are a descendant of anyone buried here, we’d love to hear from you.  Please leave a comment, a memory of your relative, a photo of them, anything, it would truly be a treasure !

It costs lots of money to keep up this level of care.  If you’d like to join our Association, the dues are only $25 annually.  Or, if you simply wish to donate, you can.  We take anything that’s green paper !  We also take weed killer, fire ant killer, weed eater string, a gallon or two of water for the water barrel, etc.  Just leave it at the base of the historical marker and give us a call to pick it up.  We also LOVE good neighbors who call 911 if they see anything amiss.  To name the major things, we use the money primarily for gas money for the mowers, weed wacker string, mower maintenance and repair, paint, weed killer, fire ant killer, tree services, just a few office supplies, to replace/repair markers, and one or two “improvements” if there’s enough left over.

We are recognized by the IRS and the State of Texas.  To mail in a check, visit our link “How to Donate:  Membership Fees and Other Ways to Help” (on the menu to the right of this page).  Or, click the “Donate” button at the top of the page, which will direct you to (secure) PayPal.  We thank you in advance.  Take care and thanks for reading us.

– Suzanne Tucker Borum, President
– Pond Springs Historical Cemetery Association Inc.
– 737.781.0629

I would like to dedicate this blog to my awesomely wonderful Dad, 1923-2007, who STILL encourages me every day. Fish on Daddy, your “Motor-Mouth” will always love you !

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  1. Hello Suzanne

    Your blog came up when I was searching for something else, but it was so captivating that I couldn’t leave. I’m a transplant to Austin with my family history centered in other states, but as an amateur genealogist so admire the first-rate work you’ve done on Pond Spring Cemetery as a physical entity, and as family history on this blog. I hope more of the descendants and families of the people buried here find you.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

    • Well, thank you very much. I hope so too. I can’t take all the credit though; I have a partner-in-crime, Buster, he keeps the place looking beautiful; I take care of the research stuff.

  2. Hello. I am of the William Hunter (1650) line. Nicholas Hunter married Susanna Buchanan in North Carolina, Nov 1777. Are you related to the Hunters, and do you know anything about Susannah Buchanan? I have looked and looked and cannot find any information on her. You have a very nice site. Maybe some day I will have the knowledge to research myself. Thank you for reading this. Elizabeth.

    • Hi, thank you for your kind comment. I am not related to anyone in the cemetery, however I like to try to help someone who genuinely appears to need some family history help. As far as I can tell, there were TWO Nicholas Hunters, very close in age and proximity, and either they are two different men, or family researchers have either gotten them mixed up or even combined them:
      1 Nicholas, Son of Joab and Sabra, born ca 1745 in Duplin Co NC. This Nicholas married Anne Norseworthy (who was apparently of Native American descent) on 4 November 1777 in Chowan County NC. He died in January 1791 in Duplin County NC.
      2 Nicholas, son of William and Sarah, born ca 1741, married Susannah Buchanan in Chowan County NC on the FOURTEENTH of November 1777. He appears to have died in 1791 as well.

      My personal theory is that this is the same man, and he had two wives. His mother was Sarah/Sabra, and his father was William Joab or Joab William. Just a guess.

      Susannah Buchanan was born 1755-1760 in North Carolina. Some records say that she was born in Cherokee, Alabama, and married Hardy Hunter (1777-1856), not Nicholas Hunter. Others say that Hardy Hunter was her son or stepson. Still others say that Hardy was a daughter not a son.

      I can see your dilemma !

      • I posted this in 2010. I have came a long ways on Susannah Buchanna. Here it is. Susannah Buchanna married A Nicholas Hunter in Chowan Co, N.C. He is the son of William Hunter who married Sarah is the brother of Joab.His will is listed in Chowan co. and all his sons are listed, John Hunter ,Nicholas, William, James who was never married, Hardy Hunter who married Rachel Roundtree, part of his line settled in Ga, Job Hunter who married Martha Hardy, and Timothy. I have not found that Nicholas Hunter death date yet, but several land deeds. Joab Hunter had three sons, Nicholas( my line) died in 1791 children where left Orphans and his will names his children. Brother William took care of them alone with others.Nicholas Was on the grandjury, in charge of a road, was appointed guardian of his brother, Isaac Hunter sons. In his will he states what he wants for his children and ask that his daughters be place in a Christian home. The people that sign his will where very well thought of people in the area. Therefore back then I do not believe he was living and having children with a unknown Indian . Now it has change to a Unknown. I have known about the false stories going around for years now.James Hardy Horse Hunter was not Indian he was not hiding and poor ANN Norswothy people have had her married to everyone but the right person. All this was started by just one branch of James Hardy Hunter line. His grave site information is a mess. The only right things they have about him is what I have given out. These people have change up original stories, added things to them and doing their best to make him Indian. But they never offer any real proof. Part of this line states he is Choctaw, the other part says he is a Cherokee Chief in hiding.I have taken every story they have written and have proven them so wrong. MY Cousin hire a Prof. researcher and she did the same. ANN Norsworthy married a William Hunter in 1743 VA he died in 1765 in Charleston S.C. His uncle Col. Henry Hunter swore to this wedding and stated they where married by a minster name Webb. This was due to the fact that Ann’s brother Thomas Norsworthy of Isle of Weight had one living issue in his will and names his sister’s Son Norswothy Hunter who died as the first Delegate appointed to Miss. in 1802. Never married is name in his father’s will. Elizabeth Jane Clark is married James Hardy Hunter and her brother James Clark is founder of Clarksville, TX. You ought to see these stories as well by the same people. Her father Benjamin Clark is not buried in Clarksvill. He is buried in To some this up none of The Hunter men are Indian. James Hardy Hunter and not Horse Hunter as it appears on the rolls had one grandson who married into the Indian Blood line. His first wife was Indian. Horse Hunter appears on the Choctaw rolls. Indian Rolls do not take nicknames. Now the name Horse Hunter was giving to him because of all the horses he had in 1850. Tax records shows he had 2. That is this branch’s name for him. They offer not proof on that also. So far all the stories that had been passed down in the family lines has proven true. It is still unknown who Nicholas Hunter who died 1791 wife was. But it is just a matter of time before she is found. He was not Indian. Indian had not civic rights. ALL the Hunter men took part in the local government. Married the Whitman’s way. Just because you have dark hair does not make you Indian. That is such a narrow minded way of thinking. English where and are dark headed people with olive skin. I lived over there. Amazing, how dark they are with little sun above 75. Thank again for your kindness. I have just now seen this.

      • Hello ! I am unsure if I replied, if not, I do apologize ! This is wonderful info and thank you for reaching out ! I have posted all this work !
        – Suzanne

      • Hello, Thank you so much for your comments. I have found the correct line for Susannah Buchanna. I have found so many false stories in the Hunter line. I research everyone and as I broke them down with all kinds of proof.SO hard to understand how they came to write such unbelievable stories. Of course their is not any proof attach to the stories.
        Best way I can give you the correct information is to write the line out. I have proof for every name I submit hear. Father of this line is William Hunter born ca. birth 1650 England ,Baptize 1653, Was transported in 1685 to Nansemond Co. N.C. Married to a Joanna??? Found records in England where William married Elizabeth Cohone. He was never married to a Rebecca Besse of Mass. That is a whole different line of Hunters. William Hunter was transported to Nansemond Co. Va. in 1685 ( Have copy of the original record) listed is Mary Cohone . William was trans ported by English Sea Caption Charles Round tree. William a weaver was on the head right count for Charles Roundtree along with Mary Cohone. Soon William became a Justice of Peace. His will was lost but his children where found through land deeds with list him as their father. Line. First born Son, William who married Ann. Wfe’s last name has never been proven. His will is listed in Chowan Co. Grandson William married Ann Norsworthy in 1743 In Suff. Va. William died in 1765 Charleston South, CA. His will is listed there and names his wife Ann and two sons, Norsworthy Hunter, and John Hunter. Norsworthy Hunter was name in Thomas Norsworthy Will of Isle Of Weight along with his sister Ann Hunter.
        2.nd Son. Nicholas Hunter who married Rebecca Hardy. Son William married Sarah Hardy. His will is listed in Chowan Co. Children where name in this will. Sons are John, Nicholas, William, James who died around 18, Hardy Hunter who married Rachel Roundtree, Job who married Martha Hardy and Timothy. It was this Nicholas who married Susannah Buchanna in 1777 in Chowan Co. He was born between 1728-20. He sold the land his father gave him to his brother John and then John sold him some land.
        2. Joab Hunter was the brother of the William name above. Joab was name in his father’s will. His father was Nicholas Hunter the son of William Hunter of 1650. Joab born 1710 Nansmond Co. He died ca. 1789 in Duplin Co. He married either a Sarah or Sabra, has not been proven yet. All his children where born in Duplin co. N.C.. His children are Nicholas born 1745-1747 Duplin Co. died 1791, all his children where born in Duplin Co. N.C. Will listed in Wills and Probate records of North Carolina. Children are Nicholas, Mary, Hardy Hunter, Annie Hunter, and Edward Hunter/ The chidren now where orphans.. Mary and Anni ‘s children are associated with my other family lines . Nicholas died before the will was executed and that left just Hardy and Edward to divide the land. The children where left with some slaves and the girls where left some money. Nicholas had about 1200 acres of land. Some of the land had been in the family for a long period of time. It had belong to their father. Next son of Joab’s William married Rebecca , William died 1828 Duplin Co N.C,. Then the next son is Isaac who married Priscilla Burton and he died 1787 Duplin,Co. N.C.
        This Nicholas Hunter is my 4th ggrandfather and this Nicholas Hunter has had the name Susannah Buchanna as his wife and also attach to him is William Hunter was his father, William the brother of Joab. Susanna was not the Duplin co. Nicholas Hunter wife. Nor was William Hunter his father. William Hunter never had a son name Isaac Hunter. Isaac Hunter( the son of Joab) sons was place under Nicholas Hunter care by the court until they reach 21. Nicholas Hunter died in 1791. Charles Hooks who took charge of the Isaac Hunter will along with others and married Isaac Hunters daughter. Joab’s daughter Sarah Hunter who married James Middleton was also associated with Isaac Hunters will. James Also lived by all three sons of Joab Hunter. Nicholas brother William was name in his will. Some of the same people listed in Isaac Hunter will was also listed in Nicholas Hunters will. Nicholas Wife has never been proven yet. One thing about Joab Children the name Edward is all through William and Nicholas Hunters lines. They have Nichloas living with a Indian women only giving birth to Hardy Hunter born 1777. But if that was true the court would have never had Nicholas Hunter as guardian of Isaac Hunter sons and a two month old baby. That was just how things where back in that time period. Nicholas Hunter children where orphans after He stated in his will he wanted his daughters in a Christian home. This does not represent a man living un married to someone. Names on Isaac Hunter and Nicholas wills where well associated with the gov. Hardy Hunter my 3rd ggrandfather is not Indian he was never in Miss. and nothing was name after him in Miss. People have taken original stories and added this to the to the title of . Hunter tradition Hardy Hunter was a Cherokee Chief and he was in hiding cause he got into trouble. These words ( not in order as I presented them) where attach to a story that some one wrote about him stating He was in Ark. 1804. His name was never mention But the was presented like this. A white man name Hunter. Stated he built a cabin in 1804 went and got his wife and baby son in New Orleans in 1815 and then mention he had two sons name Nick and Edward. HAha, Nicholas Son of Hardy was born 1816 In Tenn. (my 4th ggrandfather)j He had two old sisters that where also born in Tenn. Edward was born 1818 in Ark. Someone just did not know their facts. Hardy went to Tenn. with his sisters he sold his land to his cousin John for a fare price at the time he left N.C.. He left Tenn. in 1817. Land deeds, witness records, and so forth proves this and proves when he was n Tenn. He was on the grandjury in Ark. land deeds, witness records . his name on record for protesting to the Gov. about the gov. taking away his land without payment and giving it to the Indians. IF he had been Indian he would not have any of these rights. Now all this stuff about being Indian is attach to his grave. They have attach the Information that I alone have passed out to his grave site..That is the only thing that is true about him. Has his father Nicholas married to Susannah Buchanna and This Nicholas is the son of William who married Sarah Hardy. They also have a grave site for Nicholas Hunter who was the son of William.
        I have sent them information on the line. I did not sent my proof but I gave them enough information they could look it up, I have seen what they have done with what I have already gave them. I have a partner in my research and he is from Nicholas’s Hunter brother Wiiliam Hunter lines who died in 1828. He has also notify them on the correct line with the same information. They just have ignored it. The other group who comes from the same Branch claims he was on the rolls of Dancing Rabbit in Miss. The county;s name is Noxubee Co. This was part of the Choctaw land under the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit . This county was soon bought by the U.S. from the Indians. A Hunter family that arrived in this county is Isaac Hunter who married Rebecca Hart. His line that started the movement tp Miss. from Tenn. was David Hunter who married Chasiky(sp?),After he died she and her children went to Miss in 1743. Son HARDY Hunter settled in the Noxubee Co. Land areas where name after this family. Isaac Hunter was the grandson of Nicholas Hunter sr. the son of William Hunter of 1650. Nicholas Hunter son name Issac was the father of Isaac Hunter who married Rebecca Hart. Hardy Hunter who was born in 1777 was not Indian. His father Nicholas Hunter was not married to Susannah Buchanna. Hardy’s father was not in Chowan Co. Hardy’s grandfather was Not William but Joab. It such a shame that his grave site is posted with incorrect information. It does not state who he really was and the incorrect line is attach. I hope someone who is connected with my line is researching and I will more than happy to help them if they are really serious about it. My Cousin Still Hunter jr. hire a professional research Hardy Hunter. She too disprove these stories that are attack to Hardy. She had just what I had found. This was done in 1989. I did not know about it until 2011 when he sent it to me. He had ask me about it about it and I told him I had never read it. It is in the historical Society in Hempstead co, Ark. Only Mistake there was he had a different Researcher for William Hunter sr. and she had told him William had married Rebecca Besse, Both Roy Hunter and I told him that was wrong. I sent him over 130 pages on that line to. He then hired someone else and she told him what Roy and I had said. That information had also be sent to one of the people who are posting the incorrect information and they just ignore it. I fill like if you are going write the history of a family on his grave site it should be correct,
        Again thank you. Bethann
        I would like to thank you so much for your beautiful well planned site. I am working on how to do things like you have here which is just brilliant.

      • Hello ! Oh my goodness. Thank you SO MUCH for all of this info. I will post to the blog for others to see. And thank you for your kind comment.

  3. WOW!!! I used to see this cemetary when that apartment complex was first built. My fathers friend works maintence at the complex. It used to be soooo creepy to me, and in light of going to see paranormal activity 2 tonight, i decided to look up cemetaries to “creep” myself before the movie…and came upon this site..

    HOW INTERESTING AND NOT CREEPY AT ALL!!! 🙂 I was wondering if you could contact me and assist me in some family research? Maybe we can get together one day. I’m not related to anyone in the cemetary but I see you have a lot of tools for your research..

    My dad’s side of the family buried in Pleasanton, TX… and through going there, i found out that I was related as 2nd cousins to one of my co-workers.. his grandpa and my grandpa were half brothers!!! Ever since then, i’ve become very veryyy interested in my family history. I’m finding out A LOT about my dad’s side of the family.. but i’d also like to find out my mom’s side of the family… I can email you some names if you like!!

    Thanks!! I look forward to hearing from you!

  4. Suzanne:
    You and Buster have done a great job in restoring and logging the people who are buried there. You have added help in the genealogical aspect of it.
    All who have volunteered to help restore stones, fences, etc. have also made a great difference in the looks of the cemetery.
    God bless each and everyone of you.
    Joyce Hotchkiss

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