Nothing Runs Like a…..

Rolling Thunder

That’s right !  An anonymous donor gave us a brand-spanking-new John Deere riding mower!  Words cannot express our heartfelt appreciation.  She’s been christened “Rolling Thunder”

This round of Clean Up Days was a spectacular success.  Many thanks to:  Our anonymous donor for the mower plus a weed whacker; Whataburger for free lunches; Lowe’s for our 25% discount; to Firehouse 34 just because; and to Ken, Gloria, and Shirley for too many things to be enumerated here.  The place already looked better than it ever has, EVER, thanks to the prior efforts of nearby Whataburger employees, and of course to Buster who can’t be thanked enough for all he has done over the years.  We were freed up to do the other things on our list:

The Hunter/Nelson fence was removed and placed on the curb, free to good home.  The posts are still being worked on, about half are dug up, it’s going to take more work.  They have concrete still on the bottom, so we don’t exactly know what to do with them.  The entire cemetery looks SO MUCH CLEANER without that fence.  Thanks to Buster and Ken.

Laban and Nancy Stewart’s enclosed plot was finally painted.  Wow it was pretty bad.  There are still “spots” here and there that will need going over again, but the sunlight was decreasing and our fatigue was increasing, so we will do that touch-up later.  I still have plenty of paint.  Thanks to Ken and Gloria for this.

Ken went around with a vengeance 🙂 and put Fire Ant Killer on top of the seemingly millions of Fire Ant hills out there.

Ken took Rolling Thunder out for its maiden voyage, and in no time had mowed the entire front section.

The Sign got 2 new coats of white paint front and back (minus the stenciled part).  The blog/website is now on it, and a new vinyl logo was placed.  We have a new Children’s Memorial on the back now.  It is charming and contains a bit of an optical illusion:  As you back away from the sign, a sleeping baby angel appears in the background.  I did the sign 🙂  Still needs touch-up here and there.

Louis Houghton’s broken stone got some “Caution” tape put around it, thanks to Shirley, who also performed general clean up, removal of the dead lavender bush, etc.   The tape might not last but the effort was made.  We can tweak it later if possible.

The “Posted” sign has not arrived yet; I’ll take care of that when it arrives.

We need new “Letter to potential members” in the box.

The “Video Surveillance” signs are also to follow soon.

That’s all for now, time for a hot soak 🙂

Angel Baby

“Too Beautiful for This Earth” – The Children of Pond Springs Cemetery

Mr and Mrs Garcia - after Gloria's cleaning

Mr and Mrs Garcia – after Gloria’s cleaning

Stewart Before

Stewart Before

Stewart Before

Stewart Before

Stewart After

The really cool Stewart Lock

The really cool Stewart Lock


Sweat Equity

Sweat Equity

– Suzanne

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