The Hunter Section (Southeast Area)

Hunter Section After the post and chainlink fence were removed, Jan. 2014.

Hunter Section After the post and chainlink fence were removed, Jan. 2014.

The last of the old fence post to the Hunter Section have been removed and the post holes filled in. The unsightly beat up chainlink fence had been removed earlier last fall. The area is now clear for veiwing without any obstruction. The Hunter Section is still clearly marked by cement cylinders that lay end to end. Many of these cylinders had become buried into the ground and had to be raised or cleaned around. After the cleaning and some straightening of the cylinders was completed the section was mowed as was the Southeast Section. These 2 areas were mowed very short to remove the dead grass and allow the Bluebonnets to grow better. In about 8 weeks there will be a beautiful stand of flowering bluebonnets there. Soon it will be Spring in Austin/Pond Springs, TX. – Buster

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  1. My grandmother Vera Nelson was a Hunter and she is buried there along with my grandfather Willie Jo Nelson, there is also a baby boy Nelson who was their son. Clara was her sister. They were also related to the Waldens.
    I went there almost every Sunday with my Grandmother Vera to water plants and tend the graves until I was 13 and we moved from the Austin area.

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