Clean-Up Day Success !

After every clean up, I always say our beloved acre is more beautiful than the time before….and this was certainly no exception.  Many thanks to

Jim, Lauren & Bill, and Ken

For helping make this an absolutely successful Clean-Up !
Photos do not do it justice, you must do a drive by !
1  LIFTED THE CANOPY, bagged up, and hauled away all the brush.  That one sentence no where near describes the back-breaking labor involved…….(Buster and Jim mostly, plus Bill and Ken and Lauren and Suzanne)
2  100% mowed (Ken !).  Might not sound like much, but IT’S AN ACRE.
3  Removed gravel from under front sign, replaced with dirt, planted Lantana.  Now, this might not sound like a lot, but there was several hundred pounds of gravel, and Lauren pulled it all out almost single-handedly.
4  Removed very tenacious and prickly vines from the Walden fence and tree FINALLY (Bill !)
5  The usual weed-whacking, trash detail, watering of roses, rosemary, heather…..
6  And the water barrel is filled to capacity for the first time ever in my recollection !

IMG_20141018_130042_287 IMG_20141018_130049_444 IMG_20141018_130033_519 IMG_20141018_130028_318 IMG_20141018_130012_380 IMG_20141018_130119_725 IMG_20141018_130127_653 IMG_20141018_130325_999 IMG_20141018_130404_542 1019141126 1019141424a 1019141424 1019141401c 1019141401b 1019141425

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