Semi-Annual Clean-Up Day ! Come One, Come All !


Saturday and Sunday
April 11th and April 12th
10 am to dark
Stay the entire time, or just stay a few hours.  Bring the family !

Please bring as many supplies as you can.
Make sure all your equipment works before arrival.
Bring 1 or 2 gallons of water for the water barrel.
Bring plenty of water to drink.
Wear long pants, long sleeves, and closed-toe shoes.
See below for the Top Needs – Assist with one or all


lmphoto_tom1SANDING AND PAINTING of 1 fence enclosure

Supplies Needed:

  • Association will provide paint
  • Paint Brushes, 2 inch and larger
  • Painter’s Tape or masking tape
  • Paper Towels
  • Sandpaper
  • Bedsheet/cardboard to sit on
  • Newspaper or something to keep the paint off the concrete
  • Rubber Gloves if you prefer
  • Leather Gloves
  • Face mask and goggles


0511-1010-2403-2231Trash Detail
Please take the trash away with you

Supplies Needed:

  • Contractor bags recommended, but others are just fine too
  • One of those “Grabber” things work really well and makes it easy on the back.  I managed to over-work all the ones that the cemetery had !  So they broke !


0511-1104-0222-5061Lawn and Garden (Buster is in charge of this and he might have more to add):
(Weeding, Limb Removal, Grass Cutting, Dusting the Fire Ants if needed, cleaning fenceline)
Supplies Needed:

  • Fire Ant Killer
  • Round-Up “Brush Killer”
  • Leather Gloves
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Face mask and goggles
  • Gasoline if needed for equipment that you bring
  • If you have gas lawn equipment  of any kind please bring it.  Saws and heavy duty pruners are good as well.  There is no electricity.


Stone Inspections (not cleaning):

Due 2015                                                Due 2016
Southeast Section:                            Southwest Section:

BECK Eddie                                             ADAMS Dasie
BECK Emily                                             ANDERSON Lucy
BECK Harry                                             ANDERSON Thomas
BECK Scottie                                           BOOKER Elizabeth
BECK Memorial                                      CHAMPION Calvin
BOATRIGHT John                                 CRUMLEY Marietta V.
BOATERIGHT Spencer                         H. R.
CAROTHERS Baby Boy                         HARTSON Claude Dennis
DECKER Joseph                                      HARTSON Hiram
FAGLIE Margaret Marie                       HARTSON Mary Alice
FRANKLIN Annie                                   HEATON Martha J.
FRANKLIN Benn                                    HEATON W. S.
FRANKLIN John                                     HOUGHTON Louis E.
HENRY Bertha                                        HOUGHTON Sarah
HENRY Eula V.                                        LEE Edgar Earnest
HENRY Vivian                                         LEE Lucy A.
HENRY Wade Jr.                                     LEE Mollie
HUNTER Cecil A.                                     RIFFE John
HUNTER Clara                                         RUTLEDGE Infants
HUNTER Cornelia A.                               RUTLEDGE Beulah
HUNTER Floyd W.                                  RUTLEDGE James T.
HUNTER James B.                                  RUTLEDGE Mary E.
HUNTER Viola                                         RUTLEDGE William P.
HUNTER Walter                                      SMITH Sally E.
JACKSON Annie                                      STEWART Joyce Elane
JACKSON Benn                                       STEWART Arsenath M.
JACKSON Frank                                      STEWART Burney D.
LONG George E.                                      STEWART Fannie R.
LONG Infant                                             WHITE M. E.
LONG Lena                                                WHITE P. L.
LONG William F.                                       ZIMERMAN E.
LONG Willie Ann
NELSON Baby Boy                                   Northwest Section:
NELSON Elizabeth
NELSON Thomas                                      BARNETT Rose Elizabeth
NELSON Vera Hunter                              BROOKS John A.
NELSON Willie J.                                       BUTTERY Ann
OLIVER J. B.                                              BUTTERY William P.
OLIVER Mary E.                                       CAMPBELL Laura
OLIVER Parrisade                                    CANTWELL John A.
OLIVER Mary E.                                       CANTWELL Sarah E.
RHODES Susan J.                                      DELACRUZ Ignacio
RUTLEDGE Infant                                    DOUGLAS Nancy S.
SHANNON Andrew Jackson                    ELLER Lydia M.
SHANNON Aslee                                        ELLER Mamie
SHANNON James K. P.                             ELLER Thomas Herbert
SHANNON M. B.                                        FINLEY David Wayne
WARREN James R.                                    FOSTER T. H.
Northeast Section:                                GARCIA Jesus
………………………………………………………..GARCIA Lucy
………………………………………………………..GAULT Polly M.
ANDERSON    May                                     GAULT Susan E.
BINGHAM    Flora                                      JACKSON James S.
BINGHAM    James R                                 JACKSON Jeffery G.
EHRHARDT    Gotfried                              JACKSON Mary L.
CHAPMAN    Lavina Ann                           KING Elizabeth
CHAPMAN    W. M.                                     KING Fannie
GLENN    W.B.                                              KING W. A.
LEE    Jess O.                                                MCCLURE Green
LEE    Roy G.                                                 MCCLURE Nancy Ellen
LEE    Sarah C.                                              MCCLURE S. C.
MCKAMY    A.J.                                           MCCLURE W. G.
PETRI    Arther                                            POINTER Richard
PETRI    Chas                                                STEWART Agness
PETRI    Clara                                               STEWART Laban
PREWITT    Alice                                          STEWART Nancy
RICHARDS    Lavern                                    STEWART P.L.
RICHARDS    Vernon
TOUNGATE    Mildred
WARD    Bird
WARD    Charlsie A.
WARD    Ellen K.
WARD    John Richard
WARD    Pinkie
WARD    Richard
WARD    Virgil Von
WOODY    Wilson



It would be SUPER APPRECIATED if someone would volunteer to be on the “Food and Drink” Committee :) and surprise us with some goodies.

See you then !

– Suzanne

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