Found one more person: Josephin Ramos

I’m researching Travis County TX Death Certificates online.  I am up to 1937, and I found one more name:  Josephin RAMOS, born in Mexico ca. 1871, died 9 December 1737.  Widow of Desidero Ramos; informant Monte Walker.

– Suzanne

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Meet Gottfried Ehrhardt – Updated Info October 2017

Photo obtained from gg grandson Manfred Ehrhardt of Germany. Sitting L to R: Gottfried Ehrhardt, presumed wife Helen. As Gottfried was a widower in 1901, it is assumed that the photo was taken in Germany prior to that.  Standing is either their son and daughter (I don’t think they had  daughter), or their son and daughter-in-law (Karl and Fredericke [Schniedewinde] Ehrhardt?).  I’ve been attempting contact with Manfred, there’s a language barrier with me, but hopefully more to follow  !  Gottfried was an avid beekeeper, am awaiting more info on that, and also there is a (grainy) 1913 photo of his burial in Pond Springs — DEFINITELY want that.

Gottfried Ehrhardt was born in Germany 20 March 1835, and died in Williamson County Texas 15 November 1913. He married Helen Bustroe, who was born and died in Germany.

Gottfried made two trips to the United States. The first one, Gottfried Ehrhardt, a widower, departed from Bremen, Germany on the “Norderney”, and arrived in Galveston 8 November 1901; his son Karl was there to pick him up for his final destination of Round Rock Texas. The ship’s manifest indicates that he could read and write, was a shoemaker, and that he was senile.

The second trip, he departed from Bremen, Germany on the S.S. Koln (“Cologne”) on 8 October 1903, arrived in the port of Galveston 31 October 1903. His son Carl was again their to pick him up. The 1910 census indicated that he could speak English.

Known children:

i. Karl EHRHARDT, born in Germany in 10 September 1862, had arrived in the United States in 1880. Karl married Friedericke Schniedewinde (1874-1948) and had also arrived in the United States in 1880. Karl died in Williamson County Texas 10 February 1929. Per his death certificate, his mother was Helen Bustroe, and he is buried in Pond Springs Cemetery; however he and Fredericke are buried in Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery, Pflugerville Texas. Per her death certificate, she was born in Latdorf Germany to August Schniedewinde and Johanna Webber.

ii. Wilhelm EHRHARDT, born 8 July 1870, died 16 November 1955. Per his death certificate, he never married, his mother was unknown, and his father was “Gustav” EHRHARDT. Wilhelm is also buried in Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery, Pflugerville Texas.

Many thanks to descendant Manfried, the gg grandson of Gottfried. Manfried used of a translator to provide more info on Gottfried from “across the pond”

– Suzanne

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One of the best EVER !!!!

I think I’m going to cry again.

This October’s Clean Up Daze was ONE OF THE BEST EVER.  I’m still awaiting photos from The Village, but wanted to get this out ASAP!

Our beloved acre is CLEANED, SCRUBBED, MOWED, WEEDED, PICKED UP, SWEPT, RAKED, REPLENISHED, REPAIRED, and PAINTED — from side to side, top to bottom, diagonally, and all points in between.  If it needed it, we did it.  And Walden’s too.

Super special thanks and love to “The Village”

In no order of importance:

Great Oaks Boy Scout Troop, who pitched in the Thursday prior and did a spectacular job.
Miracle Worker Mike Amescua, who beat us all out there and had the place 75% completed before 10 am on a Saturday.  It was beautiful.
The Lovely Dianna Amescua
Glorious Gloria Amescua
Gentleman Jeff
Superman Dan
Best-of-All Bill
Church Lady Rochelle
Shweet Shirley
Kind-Hearted Ken
Jeep-Drivin’ Jim McAlpin
Tyler T-to-the-Bone McAlpin
and last but not least
Pixie, our new Cemetery Hound who ferociously protected us with kisses

Folks, Rolling Thunder was having temper tantrums, as was Mike’s, so a good portion of the mowing was done using push mowers.  Suffice it to say “it was hot out there”.

Here are the pics that have been turned in so far.  But first, a little perspective.  The first photo is from 2005, when I arrived on the scene.   It took about 6 months to get it looking this “good”.  Every Saturday; forget about my housework lol!  This particular photo was taken the day the front was finally (fairly decently) cleared by Anderson High School Band.  Originally, it was so bad I didn’t even know a chain-link fence was there.  True story.  When Buster arrived, well, he REALLY resurrected the place.

2005. Folks, NEVER think we haven’t come a long way.


Yes, we mow THE ENTIRE FRONT area, even though it’s not the cemetery, and doesn’t belong to us. It’s an eyesore for us though if we leave it unmowed. Just a bone to pick with the owners of it….




Meeting of the minds


Bill and Dan


L to R: Ken, Jeff, Gloria and Pixie, Bill, Dan
Kneeling: My Friend Rochelle. Pixie still has her eye on Ken…..I’m watching you, boy….


L to R: Bill, Jeff, Suzanne (fairly rare to have my picture taken), Gloria, Pixie


OK, this is an experiment we are doing with 4 markers. These are “Mower Markers” to be used when that darn grass gets to its 3-feet-tall status grrr… the less-cemetery-experienced mowers know where the ground-level stones are. This is Gloria. If they stay in the ground, level, etc. we will partner with Lowe’s for more.


Seriously, isn’t he a beautiful one? This IS Texas, folks……not sure, but I believe this is a Texas Spiny Lizard hitching a ride in Shirley’s truck. No animals were harmed in the making of this photo. Or lizards.


T Bone. To be honest, he really worked his { } off VOLUNTARILY. Good kid. This is our future out there, we need to focus on that.


Learning to use it. Hey, everybody has a first time.


We had to do a lot of this. Tyler and Jim.


Pixie defending her homeland from Ken, who DID have a rather suspicious look in his eye I must say….

– Suzanne

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October 7 & 8 2017: Semi-Annual Clean-Up Weekend & Meeting !!

Saturday & Sunday, October 7 & 8, 2017
Arrive anytime between sunrise and sunset (meeting is around 10 am both days though)
Stay the entire time, or just stay a few hours.  Bring the family !  Bring Co-Workers !  Bring Church Family !

Please always mark your calendars, we have 4 meetings per calendar year (second Sunday usually, 10 am):
January – Meeting, at Whataburger
April – Meeting, at cemetery, plus Clean up WEEKEND (not just Saturday)
July – Meeting, at Whataburger
October – Meeting, at cemetery, plus Clean up WEEKEND (not just Saturday)

We really really would like to see more of the “local” membership participate. It’s usually only 3 or 4 of us cleaning up our beloved acre, and we’re getting older ;). Bring buddies from church or from work ! I know it’s always the same thing, trash and weeds, but it’s A LOT OF the same thing, and the more help we have, the quicker it goes.

Additionally, if you know of anyone who would enjoy working at the cemetery as a continuous “labor of love” please let us know, it needs a semi-sexton. Personally I’m out there once a month for about 4 hours.  It’s a feel-good place, great for those who want solitude and peace. WONDERFUL for a responsible retiree, or semi-retiree, with a good head for community service and gardening/landscaping/general agriculture, who likes people but also likes working the earth alone. Use of the occasional marketing skill wouldn’t hurt, as the public comes by from time to time 🙂 You don’t have to be perfect, you just have to have a big heart 😉 We don’t “expect much” in the heat of July and August, it’s too hot, but the rest of the year is pretty enjoyable. PLEASE contact us, or have your best friend contact us, or your work buddy, or that lonely strong guy from church, or that sweet lady who is good at growing things……

Anyone out there with marketing experience? I’m kind of shy about that sort of thing…..reach out OK?

Anyone want to be “webmaster” of our You Tube? How about our GoFundMe? Our Facebook? — yes, we have these things…..there HAS to be a RESPONSIBLE young grandson/daughter out there somewhere that would like this….and honestly, with the exception of video, you don’t have to be local. But you do have to be trustworthy. Let’s talk OK?


“Meeting First”
We will have a quick meeting on both days, around 10 am or so.



There is no electricity or running water.  

Please bring as many supplies as you can.
Make sure all your equipment works before arrival.
Ordinarily I would ask for 1 or 2 gallons of water for the water barrel, but I think Hurricane Harvey has taken care of that !
Bring plenty of food/water.
Wear long pants, long sleeves, and closed-toe shoes.
See below for the Top Needs – Please assist with one or all


0511-1010-2403-2231Trash Detail — all the way to the street
Please take the trash away with you

Supplies Needed:

  • Contractor bags recommended, but others are just fine too
  • One of those “Grabber” things work really well and makes it easy on the back


0511-1104-0222-5061Lawn and Garden – This is What Takes Up Most/All of our Time
(Weeding, Limb Removal, Grass Cutting, Dusting the Fire Ants if needed, cleaning fenceline of weeds)
Supplies Needed:

  • Fire Ant Killer
  • Round-Up “Brush Killer”
  • Leather Gloves
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Face mask and goggles
  • Gasoline if needed for equipment that you bring
  • If you have gas lawn equipment  of any kind please bring it.  Saws and heavy duty pruners are good as well.  Again, there is no electricity.



See you then !

– Suzanne

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“The Arch” – We Have Been Made More Beautiful

Hello everyone, my apologies for just now posting this.  I am blown away by the generosity of people.   One descendant graciously underwrote what we have come to lovingly term “The Arch”, and a few more contributed to it too, to help off-set the cost (which no one asked them to do but you guys are so awesome).  In their usual classy fashion, no one wishes to be named.  I have a lump in my throat as I am writing this.

There’s still time for more descendants to donate.  If you wish to donate, the money will certainly be put to good use.

I cannot describe how much more dignity it gives to our beloved acre.  It’s perfect.

Isn’t She Lovely?

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Mr. Riffe’s New Stone !

Hello everyone,

My extreme apologies for the delay in posting this !  Mr. Crumley, descendant of John Riffe (pronounced “Rife” by the way), placed a new stone !  I BELIEVE John Riffe is his great grandfather, I could be off by a generation.  It’s a beautiful stone !  What a story it is, about how these two were linked back together through this blog !  I get a little excited about this place, and like an over-zealous paparazzi, I snapped 75-100 photos !  Below are a few of the chosen ones.  Enjoy !

Placement of John Riffe Stone by Larion Crumley, descendant, 11 September 2016. Photos show Shirley and Ken, Larion and his lovely and sweet wife.


Placement of John Riffe Stone, 11 September 2016

I really like how the original “Riffe” fieldstone was left in place.






One can see the marker for little Marietta V. Crumley (11 April 1883 -13 April 1884). John Riffe was her Grandpa. She was buried next to her Grandpa.









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The Thompson Brothers Visit !

L to R James and William (Jimmy and Bill) Thompson visit, April 2016

Paraphrased from an email from Gloria: “I went by the cemetery on an errand and stopped when I saw two trucks parked there. I found that two brothers from the Thompson family had come to visit.Jimmy had also brought his granddaughter by on Monday to visit the Thompson graves.

I spoke with them and asked if I could take their photo. On the left is Jimmy (James) Thompson (86 years old) and on the right, his older brother, Bill Thompson (90 years old). Jimmy and his brother made the stand for the historical marker they told me. They were glad to see the cemetery looking so good.

Jimmy offered to take the rest of the limbs and is going to get his grandsons to come to do it. He offered to try to get their help the next time there is a Clean Up Day. ”

….I just love seeing descendants, and ESPECIALLY those that volunteered at the cemetery in years past ! – Suzanne

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April 2016 Clean-Up Day Success !

Thanks to Bill, Ken, Lauren, Shirley, Gloria !!!!!

Clean Up Day April 2016h

See out tiny new Rosemary ?

See out tiny new Rosemary ?

Clean Up Day April 2016b

Clean Up Day April 2016e

Clean Up Day April 2016c

Clean Up Day April 2016g

Clean Up Day April 2016d

Clean Up Day April 2016

Bill and Ken

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Fannie and Burney Stewart

Fannie (Ringstaff) STEWART, born 28 March 1872, died 29 April 1905.  Married Pleasant Stewart 24 November 1889, Williamson County Texas.  I feel that Fannie likely died due to a childbirth related illness, as her death was three months after her son’s birth.  Fannie is buried between the graves of two babies:   The identity of one baby is unknown, the other is Burney STEWART, born 9 January 1905, died 17 August 1905.  Burney’s death was likely due to his mother’s death 4 months prior.

Known children of Pleasant and Fannie STEWART:

i.  Dora STEWART, born September 1890 in Texas.
ii.  Maggie STEWART, born February 1891 in Texas.
iii.  Jasper Riley STEWART, born in Cedar Park Texas 28 February 1894, died 14 April 1950 in Leakey, Real County, Texas.
iv.  Mollie STEWART, born January 1895 in Texas.
v.  Stella STEWART, born March 1897 in Texas.
vi.  Wilbern STEWART, born 1900 in Texas.
vii.  Bertha STEWART, born 1902 in Texas.
viii.  Burney STEWART, born likely in Texas 9 January 1905, died 17 August 1905.

If you can help shed any light on this family, please contact this blog.

– Suzanne

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2015 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 3,300 times in 2015. If it were a cable car, it would take about 55 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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