How to Donate: Membership Fees and Other Ways to Help

Our Annual Fees (not prorated), are $25 a year.

We  hear “How can I help?” quite a lot –


Donate Money or Supplies.  It’s mostly spent on gas for the mower !  If you are interested in donating to this worthy cause, Association Fees are $25 per year. Of course, we will accept more if you are so inclined 🙂  We are recognized by the IRS.

a.  If interested in mailing in a membership form with a check, click letter-to-prospective-new-members-1.

b.  PayPal.  A lot of people think you have to have a PayPal account to donate.  You don’t !  Simply follow the instructions on the very first screen under “Don’t have a PayPal account?” and you’re done !

Donate Button with Credit Cards

c.  Donate goods and services.  Somebody’s at the cemetery quite a lot, but if we’re not there, just leave under the historical marker and give us a call at 737.781.0629:

1  Water for the Water Barrel.  When you visit, bring a gallon or two, and pour it straight through the lid or leave it under the sign.

2  Paint supplies such as 1-inch brushes, 2-inch brushes, clean towels/rags/bedsheets, painter’s tape.

3  Round Up for Brush and Ivy, or equivalent.  Personally we like 20% Vinegar (which is NOT the kitchen kind, and can be found at Lowe’s) it costs about the same but kills quicker.

4  Cleaning supplies — soft-bristle toothbrushes, ammonia, strong trash bags,  paper towels

5  We seem to perpetually have a brush pile.  Removal, even in small increments, would be much appreciated.

6  Garden Tools, gas-powered or manual (there is no electricity).  If you’d like to donate your old WORKING lawn mower, we’ll take it.  Same for gas powered edger, trimmer, chain saw.

7  Trash detail along the fence.

8  If someone RUDELY left a shopping cart, please take it back to the store.

9  If you are a nearby business, when we are cleaning up, please allow us to run an extension cord from the cemetery to your place of business, as there is no electricity.

10  Bring by food and (especially) drink during our “Semi-Annual Clean Up Daze”

d.  Be our eyes and ears.  Call the authorities if you see suspicious activity at the cemetery.

Thanks !

– Suzanne Borum, President, Pond Springs Historical Cemetery Association Inc.

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  1. Hello, I have a group of individuals that would like to donate some time cleaning up at the cemetery this memorial day, is there someone who will be there or can we just go in and clean also do you have a mower that can be utilized to cut the grass as well?

    • Thank you so much for your help! My apologies for just now getting back to you (the workplace has be working long hours). We have no plans to be there and you don’t need permission. All we ask is that the gravestones are not cleaned – we have to do that ourselves. Unfortunately we do not have a mower to loan (too rainy to mow anyway?). Please don’t wear sandals or any type of open toe shoe, wear gloves, wear long pants and long sleeves. Bring plenty to drink. There is no electricity out there. One thing that is really helpful is ROUNDUP along the fences. Also (if possible) removal of dead limbs. And trash pickup all around, you’d be amazed how much blows in ! If anyone can find FOXTAIL Rosemary, one has died underneath our historical marker, but it has to be “Foxtail” Rosemary or else it won’t match and I’ve had a horrible time finding it (found it last year at Red Barn). If you really want to get fancy, plant one “Pride of Barbados” at the base/front of the wooden uprights that hold up our white wooden sign (for a total of two plants) Red Barn sells these. The house at Red Barn was built by one of the people buried in the Walden Cemetery section (WHThompson).

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