Fannie and Burney Stewart

Fannie (Ringstaff) STEWART, born 28 March 1872, died 29 April 1905.  Married Pleasant Stewart 24 November 1889, Williamson County Texas.  I feel that Fannie likely died due to a childbirth related illness, as her death was three months after her son’s birth.  Fannie is buried between the graves of two babies:   The identity of one baby is unknown, the other is Burney STEWART, born 9 January 1905, died 17 August 1905.  Burney’s death was likely due to his mother’s death 4 months prior.

Known children of Pleasant and Fannie STEWART:

i.  Dora STEWART, born September 1890 in Texas.
ii.  Maggie STEWART, born February 1891 in Texas.
iii.  Jasper Riley STEWART, born in Cedar Park Texas 28 February 1894, died 14 April 1950 in Leakey, Real County, Texas.
iv.  Mollie STEWART, born January 1895 in Texas.
v.  Stella STEWART, born March 1897 in Texas.
vi.  Wilbern STEWART, born 1900 in Texas.
vii.  Bertha STEWART, born 1902 in Texas.
viii.  Burney STEWART, born likely in Texas 9 January 1905, died 17 August 1905.

If you can help shed any light on this family, please contact this blog.

– Suzanne

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  1. Suzanne, I belive that the woman in the grave is the first wife of Arthur Dink Stewart,younger brother of Pleasant Newton Stewart. Here is the information that I collected long ago: Arthur Dink STEWART (Jasper Newton Stewart’s youngest son) was born on April 24, 1879 in Texas.
    Birth date is on WWI Draft registration Card.
    1 June 1880 census Arthur Steward is 1 year old living with parents.
    He appeared on the census in 26 June 1900 in Round Rock, Williamson County, Texas. 1900 census: Arthur Stuart 21 single is with his parents.
    1901 Arthur married Fannie R. Had 2 children with Fannie. Fannie died shortly after birth of second child…
    Arthur Dink STEWART and Fannie R. STEWART? had the following children:

    Joyce Elane STEWART was born in 1900. She was buried in 1904 in Pond Springs Cemetery, Cedar Park, Williamson County, Texas.

    Burney Dink STEWART was born on January 9, 1905. He died on August 17, 1905. He was buried in Pond Springs Cemetery, Cedar Park, Williamson County, Texas.

    about 1906 Arthur Stewart married Bula Eller b 22 August 1889 TX, d 14 October 1918 Williamson County, TX, daughter of James T. Eller and Laura Caroline Woody

    Arthur Stewart appeared on the census in 18 May 1910 in Justice Precinct 8, Williamson County, Texas. 1910 census Arthur is 32 written incorrectly as Oscar D. Stewart 32 TX US US farm laborer, hired out, wife Beulah 19 her first marriage, Jessie 2, Alfred 5 months and nephew Jasper 16 TX TX TX woodcutter, cedar wood. Jasper is Jasper Riley Stewart son of Pleasant Newton Stewart, Arthur’s brother. Living seven dwellings from older brother Eli Stewart.

    Arthur registered for the draft on September 12, 1918 in Georgetown, Williamson County, Texas. He is medium height, medium build, brown eyes and grey hair. His wife is indentified as Bula Stewart.

    He appeared on the census on April 21, 1930 in Williamson County, Texas. 1930 census: A. D. Stewart 51 TX TX TX farmer widow, son Paul 17 TX, son Alf. 20 TX. Next dwelling is cousin Nevad A. McClure 58 and her mother S. C. McClure 89. This is Susan Catherine Stewart McClure, Arthur’s Aunt.

    He died on September 12, 1955 in Williamson County, Texas. Stone stated 77 years 1 mo 14 d. (1964 transcription).

    He was buried in Pond Springs Cemetery, Cedar Park, Williamson County, Texas. Arrangements were from Condra Funeral Home,Taylor,Texas as indicated by a marker. Tombstone states 77 years, 1 month, 14 days. Tombstone not found in 2009 but is in 1964 inventory found in Round Roack Library.

    Children with Bula include
    1. Jessie b 1908 TX

    2. Alfred Long Stewart b 20 Dec 1909 Cedar Park, TX, d 24 Nov 1973 Stephenville, Erath County, TX, married Leona Adell Bilbus, b 1922, d 1999.

    3. Paul Jasper Stewart 16 October 1912 Williamson TX, d 20 April 1998 Burnet County, TX (SSDI and TDI).

    4. Annie Viola Stewart b 29 April 1916 TX, d 30 May 1999 Burnet County, TX, married Mr. Harmon on 4 January 1974.
    Pleasant Newton STEWART (Jasper Newton Stewart’s son) was born in November 1867 in Texas.

    He appeared on the census on August 12, 1870 in Travis County, Texas. 1870 census: Pleasant Stewart is 2 years old.

    He appeared on the census on June 1, 1880 in Williamson County, Texas. 1880 census: Newton Steward is 12 years old.

    1889 married Fanny F. b September 1874 TX.

    He appeared on the census on June 15, 1900 in Round Rock, Williamson County, Texas. 1900 census: Plez N. Stuart 32 Nov 1867 married 10 years to Fanny F. 26 6 of 6 children living b Sept 1874, children Dora E. 9 Sept 1890, Maggie 8, Feb 1891 TX, Jasper 6, Feb 1894, Molley 4 Jan 1895 TX, Stella 2 March 1897 TX, Wilbern 2 months March 1900.

    He appeared on the census on April 20, 1910 in Justice Precinct 4, Travis County, Texas. 1910 census Justice Precinct 4: Newton Steuart 42 widower TX IRE ENG, daughter Maggie Steuart 18 TX TX TX, Bertha Steuart 8 TX TX TX. Living on Bull Creek. Newton is a farm laborer.

    He was married to Fany F. STEWART? in 1889 in Texas Fany F. STEWART? was born in March 1874 in Texas.

    Pleasant Newton STEWART and Fany F. STEWART? had the following children:

    Dora E. STEWART was born in September 1890.

    Maggie STEWART was born in February 1891 in Texas.

    Jasper Riley STEWART was born on February 28, 1894 in Texas. He appeared on the census in 1900 in Round Rock, Williamson County, Texas. 1900 census Jasper b Feb 1893 is 6. Living with parents.
    He appeared on the census in 1910 in Justice Precinct 8, Williamson County, Texas. 1910 census: Jasper is listed as nephew in 1910 census of Williamson County, living with Uncle Arthur D. Stewart.
    He registered for the draft on June 5, 1917 in Cedar Park, Williamson County, Texas.

    WWI Draft Registration: Jasper Riley b 28 Feb 1894. had a wife and two children, was of medium height and slender build, had light gray eyes and brown hair. He is a dairy and farm laborer for Q. C. Boatman.

    He appeared on the census in 1930 in Austin, Travis County, Texas. 1930 census: Riley J. Stewart 34 TX TX TX, Helen 32 TX NC TX, step-son Jerry J. Brown 11 TX TX TX, Connie D. Stewart 5 TX TX TX , Frances B. Stewart 3 years and 8 months TX TX TX. Riley rents for $10.00 a month. Riley is a laborer clearing land. He lives on Jefferson in Ward 4A, Justice Precinct 3, not on a farm. He does not have a radio.

    He died on April 14, 1950 in Real County, Texas.

    He was buried in Leakey Cemetery, Real County, Texas.

    Molley STEWART was born in January 1895 in Texas.

    Stella STEWART was born in March 1897 in Texas.

    WIlbern STEWART was born in March 1900 in Texas.

    Bertha STEWART was born about 1902 in Texas.

    I have additional information on the other brothers of Arthur DInk Stewart and Pleasant Newton Stewart and also on father, Jasper Newton Stewart which I will try to send soon. Karen

    • Thanks Karen ! Why didn’t I think to ask you ???? I like this explanation better because Fannie’s middle initial bugged me. The Joyce Elane STEWART that I am aware of was not their daughter; she was Arthur and Beulah’s granddaughter through their son Paul Jasper. Also, Joyce was born 30 June 1944 and Died 25 August 1947. Unless there were two girls named the same. If so, the unknown on the other side of Fannie is undoubtedly Joyce Elane. See this link: Does anybody know where Dink is buried? I’m zooming in closer and closer to Fannie’s grave…..

  2. I have some more information on Pleasant Newton Stewart- he was married to Fannie Francis Ringstaff 24 Nov 1889 in Williamson County, Texas. She died sometime between 1900 and 1910, as he is in the 1910 census in Travis County, Texas as a widower.

    • Thank you for helping me with Fannie’s maiden name. I have edited the blog. As daughter in law of Jasper Newton Stewart and of Anne Buttery Stewart, I cannot help but think that Jasper and Anne are buried near to Fannie and those 2 grandchildren. Great mystery.

      • I’m the great grand daughter of Paul Jasper and Callie Teresa Massingill Stewart, any information would be greatly apreciated

  3. Does anyone know any connections for a A. D. Stewart that was on the Burnet Co. Tax Roll from 1890 to 1896. And, a Mrs. A. D. Stewart is buried in the Bethel Cemetery. This is N.E of Burnet. ?? Appreciate an answer.

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